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Civil Society Collective: Scotland

The Alliance receives funding from Bond as part of the Civil Society Collective consortium to strengthen humanitarian and international development civil society organisations (CSOs) working in Scotland. The consortium is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) under the UK Aid Connect theme, working to improve civil society effectiveness.  

The consortium is made up of the UK Alliance, Bond, the Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies Northern Ireland (CADA Northern Ireland) and Hub Cymru Africa, with the South West International Development Network (SWIDN) also a partner organisation of the consortium.  

The Civil Society Collective aims to support and strengthen CSOs’ ability to adapt in a rapidly changing and uncertain environment. The Alliance will work to build the capacity and resilience of small CSOs working in Scotland, particularly those working outwith the main urban areas.  

The Alliance’s programme of activities aims to: 

  1. strengthen humanitarian and international development civil society organisations’ ability to respond to changing humanitarian and development needs;  

  1. achieve greater shared value by facilitating collaboration and partnership between civil society organisations and with other development actors;  

  1. provide Scotland based organisations with a strong and thriving network of support. 

The programme of activities will be tailored to Scotland based CSOs and is designed to improve small CSOs’ engagement with the Alliance’s learning resources, especially for organisations working outside of the central belt. It will include training days held outside of the central belt, digital training sessions facilitated using online software, webinars and a suite of online learning resources designed to be both accessible and informative.  

The programme of activities will also focus on core operational areas of focus for CSOs, including: accountability, transparency and good governance. 

The Civil Society Collective programme began in June 2018 and will run for four years until 2022.  

You can find more information about the project's financials and results on our IATI profile or Bond’s IATI profile for the project. If you have any questions about the programme, please email a member of the Effectiveness & Learning team.  

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