Scotland's International Development Alliance Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Scotland's International Development Alliance Strategic Plan 2017-2020

At the NIDOS Annual General Meeting on 29 September 2016, NIDOS members agreed a new strategic plan for 2017-2020, including a new name for the network.

In response to the conversations we have had with our members throughout 2016, and to our analysis of the operating environment in which we work, we have re-articulated, our vision, mission, values and objectives and chosen a new name for our organisation to reflect our new direction. 

Scotland's International Development Alliance

Under the new strategic plan, we will widen the membership to attract new members not only from NGOs but also from other elements of public life who endorse our vision and mission and subscribe to our values. To reflect these changes, we are changing our name to make it more inclusive for everyone who subscribes to our vision, mission and values. Our new name will be Scotland’s International Development Alliance. Our new vision, mission, and objectives will be as follows:

Scotland's International Development Alliance: Scotland for a Fairer World

Our vision is of a Scotland increasingly committed to creating a fairer world, free from poverty, injustice and environmental threats.

To engage people and organisations in Scotland about international development and to facilitate their informed support

To support people and organisations in Scotland contributing to effective international development to strengthen their support base and improve their impact

To represent our members and the people and the people and communities they serve, to local, national and international decision-makers.

1. To grow our membership base and improve the services we provide to members.

2. To improve the perceptions of international development and the profile of the sector in the minds of the public and other key stakeholders across Scotland

3. To better represent the sector on policy and advocacy issues

4. To ensure the infrastructure and IT capability are fit for purpose to deliver the plan

Our new strategy is designed to meet the needs most commonly expressed by our members in the following ways:

  • enhance service provision, especially through better support with fundraising and profile-raising; also by improving networking, communication and information sharing, through use of online platforms
  • build public policy engagement by establishing a policy group as a committee of our Board, to guide our policy work on behalf of the international development sector.
  • give new priority to proactive representational work on behalf of the international development sector

If you have any queries about the name change, changes to membership categories or to any other associated issue, please get in touch, by emailing or calling 0131 281 0895. The new strategic plan is available in full below.

Key Documents

NIDOS AGM Draft Minutes 2016.pdf
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