Alliance Website FAQs

Alliance Website FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to use our website. They cover everything from how to create your own user profile and how to edit your organisation's profile.

For an annotated step by step guide complete with photos, please download our FAQs in pdf form

1. How to apply for membership

Please read the ‘Become a member’ page of the website to find out how to apply for organisational or individual membership and submit the form. 

2. How to log in to view the ‘Member Only’ section of the website

a. Members with existing username 

If you are a member and already have a username, you can log in by clicking on the ‘members login’ button in the top right-hand corner of the website as shown below. Then fill out your username/email and password in the corresponding fields under the ‘log in’ tab. You should then have access to all ‘Members Only’ content on the website.   

b. Members without usernames  

  • If you/your organisation are a confirmed Alliance members (i.e. you/your organisation have paid the annual membership subscription fee), but do you not have a username/login, click the ‘Member Log In’ button to create one.  
  • After this, click the ‘Create new account’ tab. Then click the ‘Create new account’ button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.
  • Please note that there may be a lag between setting up your account and being able to access Member-Only content, as a staff member may need to authorise your access. 

3. How to log out

If you are the sole user of the computer/device, it is probably easiest to remain logged in as a member. If not, or if you would like to log out, please scroll down to the foot of the webpage, where you will see the option to Log Out. 

4. How to change your password

If you have already made an account and would like to change (or have forgotten) your password. Simply click on the ‘Member Log In’ (covered on FAQ #1. Then click 'request new password', then fill out empty fields and click ‘Email new password’.   

If your new password is not working, please ensure that you have cleared any cookies saved on the browser to ensure the old password is not being saved by your internet browser. If the problem persists, please wait 30 minutes for the website user profile to update. If your login username and password are still not working, please contact us and we can help you change your password. 

5. How to edit your individual profile and amend the details (e.g. job title, organisational affiliation or contact email address)

  • Go to the top right corner of a webpage 

  • Click ‘edit profile’ 

  • Select the first tab, ‘View’, then ‘View contact record’ 

  • You should then be able to update your details

6. How to edit your organisation’s member profile displayed on the website

Ensure that you are the organisational contact point. If you are unsure about this, or need to change your organisational contact, please contact Catherine.  

To edit the text, contact details or logo on your profile:  

  • Log into the website at 

  • Once logged in your name should appear at the top right hand of the screen. Next to your name it will say ‘edit profile’ – click on that 

  • Select ‘view contact record’ 

  • Click on your organisation name 

  • At the top left hand corner click the edit button 

  • Click save 

7. How to upload a photo or logo for your organisation’s member profile displayed on the website

Please email us a square 200 x 200 pixel ratio image, ideally with the photo or logo clearly visible in the middle of the square as the logos display in a circle on the website and ideally in a PNG file so that it doesn’t pixelate. Ideally no file size should be over 2 MG as this will be too large to load quickly. If you do not know how to resize an image, please send it via email for us to change for you.  

8. How to subscribe/unsubscribe from the Alliance newsletter

To sign up to the newsletter click on the button at the top right of the homepage or the bottom of the footer of the website. Input your name and email address and you will receive the monthly newsletter at the beginning of each calendar month. If you don’t see it in your main inbox, check your clutter folder or the junk folder to see if your email filter has moved it. 

9. How to set up an account with the Alliance Community and log in

Please see the ‘How to get started’ with the Alliance Community page which includes screenshots detailing the sign up process and video guidance about how to use the platform.   

10. How to sign up to receive funding updates by email

Once you are signed in to the website through the member profile login, you will be able to access the ‘Funding updates’ section of our website. You can do this by following the arrow in the below image. Then you can sign for our Funding RSS feed by submitting your email address.  

11. How to sign up to receive Alliance news and blogs by email

Click on the ‘News’ tab from the Alliance homepage (arrow a). Then you can sign up to receive weekly updates by submitting your email address to the RSS feed (arrow b). 

12. How to sign up to view development sector vacancies

Hover over the ‘Get involved’ tab on our website and click on ‘Development sector vacancies’. Then you can sign for our Development Sector Vacancies feed by submitting your email address. 

13. How to advertise your services with us, or get involved in exhibition and sponsorship opportunities

Please see the ‘Sponsor us’ page under the Get Involved menu for different opportunities to advertise or promote your services across our network. This includes current promotional opportunities such as the Annual Conference and upcoming publications.  

You can also advertise your services on our Services Directory.  

14. How to submit a member blog

Please see our ‘Write for us’ page under the how to get involved menu for our blogging guidelines and for details about how to submit a member blog.  

15. How to submit a resource

To submit a toolkit, presentation or guidance document to the resources section of our website please do the following:  

  • Ask yourself, if it interesting to other members and the general public? 

  • Either provide the document to upload or the hyperlink (for where it is housed on an existing website) that you would like to signpost 

  • Please provide a short blurb for the resource including a title, the publication date, the author, a short summary of the resource and ideally, please include a cover image for the resource or a copy of your organisational logo.  

16. How to submit an event

We advertise events on behalf of our members and other events of interest to the Scottish international development sector on the ‘upcoming events’ section of our website. To advertise an event with us, please email with the event name, description, date, time, location and if appropriate, the links for more information and to sign up to the event. 

17. How to submit a job vacancy

We advertise international development sector vacancies in Scotland and beyond.  To submit a job vacancy, please complete our advertising form and send it to Membership Services Manager, Catherine

Advertising charges: Members FREE; Non-members £150 per post. 

18. How to submit an article to the newsletter

Please see our ‘Write for us’ page under the how to get involved menu for our blogging guidelines and for details about how to submit a blog. We often publish these in our monthly newsletter. Get in touch with Lewis if you would be keen to feature in a newsletter to find out copy deadlines for the specific month you want to feature in. Always bear in mind, we publish the newsletter near the beginning of each calendar month. 

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