Members Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it - here's a sample of what our members have to say about the benefits of Alliance membership.


"We cherish being a part of Scotland’s International Development Alliance, the former NIDOS. Being a member of this community and attending your organised events has been a hub for strengthening our relationship with fellow organisations across the country, with whom we share the goal of working towards a resilient future. The exposure of Gaia Education trainings and e-learning programmes on your online platforms (newsletters and website) has allowed us to reach a group of likeminded people who can benefit from our courses. The number of visitors on our website originating from your site and newsletters continues to increase and we look forward to nurturing this trend. Furthermore, we have successfully used your network to advertise for new additions to our management team at our headquarters in Scotland.”

- Ginny Gegg, Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Gaia Education


“YES! Tanzania has benefited greatly from being a member of NIDOS. In particular, we have participated in the NIDOS Mentoring Programme which has improved our effectiveness; we have received free training which has helped us to successfully applying for funding from the Scottish Government's Small Grants Programme; and we have been able to carry out a transparency review of our website."

- Ken Campbell, Chief Executive, YES! Tanzania


“The Trust joined NIDOS in 2012 and has found many benefits from membership including information, advice and networking. Attending the Annual meetings/conference has been useful, inspiring and enjoyable. Particular seminars and workshops have provided focused help with our change of constitution, applications for funding and performance monitoring; and there has always been a friendly voice at the other end of the telephone to answer a query or help with a problem.”

- Marian Jacobs, Aim Hai Trust


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