Members Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it - here's a sample of what our members have to say about the benefits of Alliance membership.




"For the University of Glasgow, membership in the Scottish International Development Alliance connects us to other organisations that are working to improve the lives of people around the world. This connection is vital, as it gives us opportunities to combine our world-leading research capabilities with expertise from other organizations to build teams that can create real and positive change in the world." - Glasgow Centre for International Development, The University of Glasgow



tearfund.jpg"The Alliance is an invaluable resource for the international development sector in Scotland - helping to better coordinate and align our work to maximise our influence and bring about the change we all want to see. On advocacy issues particularly the Alliance plays an important role amplifying our collective voice for action on poverty with the Scottish Government and in the parliament, and in inspiring the people of Scotland to celebrate and take an active role in campaigning on global poverty issues." - Tearfund Scotland 


link.gif "To Link Community Development, Alliance membership means access to a vibrant network of locally based international charities to collaborate and share best practice with, on everything from Communications and Fundraising to Monitoring and Evaluation. We have benefited greatly from their support and training, and have recently utilised their mentoring scheme to great effect. The team are always willing and able to help however they can."

- Link Community Development 



"Zambia Therapeutic Art is a small NGO and we are only gradually building up the resources to be able to effectively carry out our work. but Scotland’s International Development Alliance has been an invaluable support in the last three years, helping us to develop successful funding applications, providing training, networking and advice for us. We have recently become part of the Alliance mentoring programme and that has been a challenging but positive experience and is already helping ZTA to become more focused and to begin to plan a long-term sustainable strategy."

- Zambia Theraputic Art 


starchild_logo.png"Until we joined the Alliance we were very much quietly working away in Uganda with our projects. The best thing we did as an organisation was to join the Alliance. It has enabled us to attend many of the informative workshops and network with other international organisations to help us to reach out, share best practice and get valuable information.”

- Michaela Foster Marsh, Starchild




"We cherish being a part of Scotland’s International Development Alliance, the former NIDOS. Being a member of this community and attending your organised events has been a hub for strengthening our relationship with fellow organisations across the country, with whom we share the goal of working towards a resilient future. The exposure of Gaia Education trainings and e-learning programmes on your online platforms (newsletters and website) has allowed us to reach a group of likeminded people who can benefit from our courses. The number of visitors on our website originating from your site and newsletters continues to increase and we look forward to nurturing this trend. Furthermore, we have successfully used your network to advertise for new additions to our management team at our headquarters in Scotland.”

- Ginny Gegg, Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Gaia Education




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