WaterAid campaign brings village life to life

WaterAid campaign brings village life to life

WaterAid has used a £5m UK Aid Match grant to transform the way supporters get to know the people they are invited to support.  Its ‘Untapped’ appeal invites supporters to visit the village of Tombohuaun in Sierra Leone and meet some of the people who live there, taking part in their every day lives.  The ‘Untapped’ campaign offers not only 360 degree views, but also an interactive experience – click on the WaterAid logo below to find out more about yourself, in the words of a Tombohuaun resident who gives every visitor a nickname!


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                                                                                                                                       Morie Moseray, 25, centre left, plays a drum with Matu, 40, centre right singing and dancing as they and other members of the                                                                                                                                          community welcome the WaterAid team to the village of Tombohuaun, Kailahun District, Sierra Leone, May 2017.  Credit: WaterAid/ Joey Lawrence

WaterAid in Scotland are partnering with Scottish Water whose employees have developed their own fundraising campaign to help ensure the match funding challenge is met.  Paul Davidson, who joined Scottish Water 10 years ago and who has visited WaterAid projects, is one of the speakers who give talks about ‘Untapped’ across Scotland. 

According to Paul:

"The Untapped campaign is such a fantastic opportunity to maximise funds for the great work WaterAid do. I have seen first hand the difference WaterAid make so am leading the Scottish Water fundraising efforts to ensure our employees are fully engaged. Our activities will range from Bake Sales to our favours auction and even to a Bungee jump for a number of our employees in early 2018. Scottish Water have always been a big supporter of WaterAid but we are determined to increase efforts to provide much needed funds for Sierra Lione."

WaterAid in Scotland has an office in Scottish Water’s premises in Stepps.  For more information about the Untapped campaign and about WaterAid’s work in Scotland, contact Elizabeth McKernan:


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