UN Climate negotiations commence in Madrid

UN Climate negotiations commence in Madrid

On Monday 2nd December 2019, COP25 gets underway in Madrid, Spain. The annual United Nations international conference on climate will see some 25,000 delegates gather to discuss the global challenge that shows little signs of being resolved, according to recent reports.

UN Chief, Antonio Guterres described the international community's efforts so far to reach these targets as "utterly inadequate", as he highlighted a collective lack of "political will" saying "the point of no return is no longer over the horizon.”

This year’s COP was scheduled to take place in Chile, but following lengthy spells of civil unrest, the Chilean Government announced in early November that the country was ceding the hosting of COP25 to Spain, four weeks before it was set to start.

This last minute change of location means that three of the last four annual UN Climate Conferences have taken place in the Global North, even though it is common knowledge that climate change is affecting countries in the Global South disproportionately more.

Moreover, next year’s COP26 will be hosted yet again in a rich industrialised nation, this time here in the UK in Glasgow. This means it will become more important than ever to ensure the voices of those most impacted by the climate crisis in the Global South are heard loud and clear.

The Alliance has committed to working together with a broader coalition of UK civil society actors in order to organise around the COP and strengthen the climate justice movement before and after the conference.The wider coalition that we are working with has already identified that a key area of work will be front-lining voices of those most impacted by the climate crisis (the most marginalised in society, many of whom are in the global south).

Therefore, the Alliance is planning to hold a COP 26 mobilisation planning meeting in Central Edinburgh on 17th December for its members following this year's COP in Madrid.

We are keen to get as big a variety of our member organisations round the table in this early planning meeting to identify how the Alliance can amplify the voices of our diverse membership who have partners across the world that may have something to say about how the climate crisis is affecting them.

The meeting will give us a chance to learn more about what the COP is, hear details about what happened at COP 25 and what other civil society groups are doing, and work out what the Alliance should be doing and how best to identify and amplify voices from southern partners and others who represent voices of marginalised groups.

If you are an Alliance member, please sign up directly to the meeting on our website here, and join us on 17th December in central Edinburgh.