SDG Network seeks engagement with UK VNR

SDG Network seeks engagement with UK VNR

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The UK Government's commitment to undertaking a Voluntary National Review (VNR) in 2019 of the UK's progress towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a key milestone in its delivery of the SDGs.

Responsilibility for producing the UK VNR falls to the Department for International Development, where leadership on delivering the SDGs currently lies at UK level. Following the first stakeholder meeting with DFID on the UK VNR engagement process on 31st July, members of Scotland’s SDG Network, including the Alliance put together a briefing note for the Government to consider, with specific focus on engagement with Scotland, both in terms of devolved government and civil society.

Above all, this note highlights that Scotland's SDG Network wants to work with the UK Government and other stakeholders to achieve a fully national and ambitious review; and would welcome the opportunity to host the team on a visit to Scotland during the VNR engagement process to hear more on the UK Government's plans.

Read the briefiing 'Scotland's Place in the UK Voluntary National Review'.


Scotland's SDG Network

Scotland's SDG Network is a partnership that links third sector organisations, communities, academics, government and business representatives to create a space to share lessons, resources and ideas regarding the SDGs. From the development of a national website for the SDGs to a special pop-up exhibition and the inception of Scotland’s SDG Network, our organisations have worked to mobilise people in Scotland around the SDGs since their adoption. We have worked closely with the Scottish Government through the alignment of its National Performance Framework (NPF) with the SDGs, and now look to work with both the UK and Scottish Governments on this upcoming review.

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