Safeguarding Update

Safeguarding Update

As 2018 continues to be “Year of Safeguarding” the Alliance is working away energetically in a number of areas as we rise to the challenge of ensuring that all our members have all the support they need to optimise their safeguarding policies and procedures.

At the high level Safeguarding Summit on International Development held in London in March, four working groups were established to take forward the pledges made by summit delegates to strengthen safeguarding.  The working groups are managed by BOND, and the Alliance is represented on one of them, the group charged with identifying the best means of creating an ongoing organisational culture of positive safeguarding. You can read more about this work here.

The Alliance is organising a series of information and training sessions around safeguarding. As part of this, we were delighted to welcome Sally Proudlove, UNICEF UK’s Head of Safeguarding who conducted a workshop for our larger member organisations on 24th May. Sally brought a wealth of experience and many light bulb moments clarifying definitions and understanding safeguarding concepts.  She also offered some extremely useful examples of resources. There is a note of this meeting here and her presentation and other resources are here.

We know that having robust policies and clear reporting procedures is fundamental to being a strong safeguarding organisation. That, however, is a complex and sensitive task and each organisation has differing characteristics and needs. Therefore, we are working to develop a “Safeguarding Package” which will contain guidelines, tools and templates. This package of resources and support for Scotland based organisations working in international development will help organisations to develop their own suite of safeguarding and associated policies and procedures.

We have sent out a survey to all members requesting feedback on safeguarding policies and procedures. Your responses will help us to shape this “Safeguarding Package”, so we would ask you to complete this as soon as possible if you have not already done so.