Safeguarding remains high on the agenda – a new project for the Alliance

Safeguarding remains high on the agenda – a new project for the Alliance

The Scottish Government and the Alliance maintain their commitment to driving up standards in safeguarding in the international aid and development sector in Scotland.  In order to build on the work carried out last year, a new project is underway to embed good standards of safeguarding in organisations.

Last year, Scottish Government and the Alliance collaborated in carrying out a study of safeguarding practice, capacity and needs in Scotland. This informed the Safer for All Safeguarding Support package which has been used extensively. Progress over the last year has included:

  • working closely with the Alliance’s London-based sister organisation, Bond, and with DFID, to keep activities in Scotland complementary to, and consistent with, UK wide developments.  This includes consulting on the various tools and resources developed, and piloting them where possible.  This gives us access to these tools at the earliest possible stage and enables us to influence their design in a way that ensures that the needs of smaller organisations are reflected.
  • updating and training mentors in safeguarding
  • piloting safeguarding-specific mentoring
  • developing and piloting training for trustees
  • launching a new safeguarding working group
  • incorporating enhancements to the ‘Safer for All’ package as further developments in the sector emerge.
  • improving the Safeguarding Policy Development Template/Guide based on feedback and initial use.

It is now essential to keep moving forward in this journey to transform safeguarding standards and practice, and there are some changes in the Alliance to take this forward.

The new safeguarding project is led by Philippa Ramsden, who will manage this and the mentoring programme for an 18 month period from October 2019 to March 2021.

The way forward – a strategic approach to a gold standard of safeguarding: October 2019 – March 2021

With the support of Scottish Government in the form of this 18 month project, the following 3-pronged strategy has been developed with the overall objective to transform the capacity and standards of safeguarding across the sector. Our three aims are:

  1. To strengthen capacity in safeguarding, particularly in leadership of organisations
  2. To develop the capacity of safeguarding training and expertise in Scotland
  3. To ensure that resources and tools are available and appropriate for Scotland based organisations working in international development.

The Alliance continues to prioritise safeguarding and is building on our previous work to keep us moving forward in this journey towards the highest standards. We have the benefits of a framework of global, UK and Scotland pledges and commitments and a shared will as well as an evolving bank of resources and tools.  We think the importance of the issues and the quality of the work undertaken to date demand a strategic approach to achieving a new goal in Scotland, which is the ongoing provision of high quality, comprehensive information and services around safeguarding, widely affordable and available to everyone involved in meeting the needs of people and communities in developing countries.