Safeguarding and PVG Scheme Consultation

Safeguarding and PVG Scheme Consultation

The past month has seen safeguarding work continue to move forward. We are working closely with the Scottish Government in developing a package of support in safeguarding. The first step has been to gain an understanding of the needs and strengths that organisations have in this area. The high number of responses to our survey on Safeguarding policies and practice, and interest in follow up interviews confirmed that this remains a priority and that organisations are keen to strengthen their capacity.

The survey and interview responses are providing a very useful understanding of needs. This is enabling us to now develop the Safeguarding Support Package which will comprise guidelines, tools and resources to help Scotland-based organisations further develop their own suite of safeguarding and associated policies and procedures.

We are working hard to bring the core elements of the Package to members for piloting in September. Thank you for your valuable inputs into this – it means that we are able to shape this to best suit your needs.

Recruitment and vetting are key elements of safeguarding.

There is a public consultation underway to review the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme and disclosure of criminal information. Currently the PVG scheme only covers Scotland but there is an opportunity through this consultation to extend this to cover staff or volunteers engaged in Scotland and deployed overseas.

This would bring welcome extra protection against allowing access to beneficiaries by people who would not be able to do so in Scotland. While this does not help us to screen staff or volunteers not from Scotland, the changes proposed in the consultation are very helpful. We would recommend that the changes offered be encouraged through the consultation.

The consultation is long, but it is not necessary to respond to all questions.

Please see Section 4 (page 50 of the PDF) which introduces the section: ‘Extending the PVG scheme to protect children and adults who come into contact with PVG scheme members working overseas’, and respond to Questions 59, 60 and 61.

The consultation closes on 18 July – please respond as soon as you can online by clicking below.

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For any assistance or question about safeguarding, please email Philippa.