Opportunity International win $500 SDG survey prize draw!

Opportunity International win $500 SDG survey prize draw!


We would like to offer our congratulations to Opportunity International for winning a place on a UNSSC sustainable development course worth $500! OI were entered into the prize draw along with 77 other Alliance members who completed our online survey asking how our members are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the world.

The survey, which ran from December 2018 to February 2019, asked not only what goals our members are contributing towards, but drilled down to target level; asking for details of how their projects contribute to one of the 169 targets that sit beneath the 17 Global Goals.

In their response to the survey, Opportunity International gave details of their microfinance project in rural Rwanda that aims to give 8,500 smallholder farmers access to microloans for improved agricultural inputs such as seeds and fertiliser. This project contributes directly to target 1.4 under goal 1: end poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Through this survey, we now have data from over 100 organisations on projects related to specific SDG targets in at least 103 countries across all SDGs. In our upcoming publication, we look forward to presenting case studies on up to 55 projects related to specific SDG targets, with analysis on how different SDG targets are interlinked, both in terms of synergies and trade-offs.

Although the deadline for being included in our publication has now passed, we would still love to hear from you, and our survey will remain open indefinitely, so we can continue to map how projects and programmes undertaken by our members contribute towards the SDGs.

If you have any questions about this work, please get in touch with Soile or Lewis.