New Safeguarding Support Package Launched

New Safeguarding Support Package Launched

Today, 5th December 2018, the Alliance launches “Safer for All” - a package of resources, tools and information for Scotland-based organisations working in international development.

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2018 has seen safeguarding under considerable scrutiny following heightened media attention on the international development sector and abuses that had taken place in development and humanitarian work. This intense scrutiny put pressure on governments and international development organisations to demonstrate that they had robust safeguarding policies and procedures in place.

Scotland was very quick to act when concerns were highlighted. A collaboration between the Scottish Government and the Alliance emerged almost immediately to map existing safeguarding practice and needs for support.

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Through this extensive qualitative research, the Alliance has developed “Safer for All”, which is designed to provide organisations with the information, tools, resources and support needed to ensure that safeguarding practice meets the highest standards.

It will continue to be developed and refined, and additional elements and content will be added as this progresses.


Ben Macpherson MSP, Minister for Europe, Migration and International Development said:

“Safeguarding is an issue which is of paramount importance to all organisations involved in providing support and help to the most vulnerable members of our communities. That is the case whether that support is in Scotland or directed overseas.”


Jane Salmonson, CEO of Scotland’s International Development Alliance said:

 “The response to our survey was gratifying and demonstrates the importance our sector attaches to safeguarding.  Many organisations, particularly the larger ones, already have good policies and practices in place but are keen to benchmark them against best practice and look for ways of doing even better.”

 “Some smaller organisations have more to do to formalise their approach. This package was designed to help them develop policies to fit their own contexts.” 

 “The launch of ‘Safer for All’ is a milestone not the end of the journey.  I hope the package will be widely used and that our members will work with us in the years ahead to improve it further as we find new ways of minimising the risk of abuses occurring.”


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