Mercy Corps mobilises response to Haiti Earthquake

Mercy Corps mobilises response to Haiti Earthquake

Alliance member, Mercy Corps, has been working quickly to understand the extent of damage and emerging needs following the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck Haiti on Saturday 14 August.

Anissa Toscano, Vice President has informed the Alliane that they have now sent additional team members from Port-au-Prince to join those already based in Nippes, near the epicentre of Saturday's devastating earthquake. She said:

"Our team is working quickly to understand the extent of the damage and the emerging needs so that we can respond to this crisis. The initial reports coming from our team indicate that people are in need of clean water, food, hygiene kits, shelter, blankets, medical care, and shelter materials to repair damaged homes. The response is also happening against the backdrop of the hurricane season in the Caribbean as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, adding additional layers of complexity.

"Our emergency SMS alert system reached more than 3,000 people on Saturday morning, providing information about how to stay safe in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. We've also been spreading the word about the approach of Tropical Storm Grace over the past few days, and advising on how to prepare for the additional dangers it could present. 

"In this rapidly evolving situation, our team members stand ready to assist impacted families and communities."

Mercy Corps has worked in Haiti since 2010, reaching more than 1 million people with emergency supplies, clean water, cholera prevention, psychosocial support and temporary jobs immediately after the 2010 earthquake. Today their work is focused on lifting people out of poverty by boosting small business and entrepreneurs, building up young people’s skills to become productive and active members of their communities, and improving the incomes and practices of rural farmers to mitigate the economic and environmental effects of future disasters. They have 70 dedicated team members working in Haiti, of whom 64 are Haitian.