International Migrants Day 2018

International Migrants Day 2018

18th of December is International Migrants Day 2018 – a day to recognise the rights of migrants throughout the world. Now more than ever before, sustainable development and migration are inextricably linked.

This year, UN Secretary-General, António Guterres celebrated the positive contribution that migration can make to our societies, while emphasising the need for the recently launched UN Global Compact on Migration. He said:

“Migration is a powerful driver of economic growth, dynamism and understanding. It allows millions of people to seek new opportunities, benefiting communities of origin and destination alike. But when poorly regulated, migration can intensify divisions within and between societies, expose people to exploitation and abuse, and undermine faith in government.

“This month, the world took a landmark step forward with the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Backed with overwhelming support by the membership of the United Nations, the Compact will help us to address the real challenges of migration while reaping its many benefits. The Compact is people-centred and rooted in human rights. It points the way toward more legal opportunities for migration and stronger action to crack down on human trafficking.

“On International Migrants Day, let us take the path provided by the Global Compact: to make migration work for all. “


Many of the Alliance members work with migrants. One example is Mishwar- a charity which started its’ work in 2016 in response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Lebanon. Since 2011, well over 1 million Syrians have sought shelter in the country, adding to the 500,000 Palestinian refugees residing in camps here since 1948. The ongoing war in Syria and occupation of Palestine means refugee communities and their hosts must be supported to maximize their latent potential and minimize the acute affects of this ongoing crisis.


Image and text taken from Mishwar’s website here.

Mishwar’s goal is to provide support for refugee communities by launching creative projects led by the communities themselves, and encourage them to foster further initiatives for the benefit of their community well-being.

The organisation works with hundreds of youth through the north of Lebanon in 3 tent settlements, one Palestinian camp and several other locations. They run regular workshops of music, sports, cinema, all with the goal of educating youth, unleashing their potential and supporting their communities. Read more about Mishwar here.