Chris Law MP meets Alliance members

Chris Law MP meets Alliance members

In October 2018, Chris Law MP, the SNP's Westminster International Development Spokesperson and member of the International Development Committee, met with Alliance members to discuss his role and share ideas on a variety of issues.



Before a very open and frank Q&A session, Chris gave an overview of his work and explained that he has two roles.  He is both international development and climate spokesperson for the SNP group in Westminster and also a member of the International Development Committee (IDC) He said carrying both roles was unusual, but that it is useful, especially given his interests in Official Development Assistance (ODA), migration, clmiate change and climate justice are so intextrcably linked.  

Of particular note to Scottish Organisations, Chris said there was scope for greater involvement by Scottish organisations in Westminster.  He was keen to help build a strong Scottish voice on international development issues.  

Summarising  SNP policy on international development, he said the SNP position is clear: an ethical and evidenced-based approach to foreign affairs, which includes international development. After the meeting, Chris said: 

“It was great to meet with members of the Scottish International Development Sector, and my thanks must go to The Alliance for making this possible." 

"Enhanced communication with Scottish members in particular gives me an opportunity to feed back their thoughts through my work on the International Development Committee, and hopefully provide opportunities and help engaging with my work in Westminster. I look forward to my next meeting with The Alliance.”

Read the full meeting notes here.