A big year ahead for the SDGs in Scotland and beyond

A big year ahead for the SDGs in Scotland and beyond

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Accomplishing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 was always going to be ambitious, but as the 4th year of this aspirational global agenda for achieving a better world gets under way, the chances of realising many of the goals and their corresponding targets are fast becoming even less likely in different parts of the world.
However, it doesn’t have to be like this. The onus is on us to build support, raise awareness and demand action from governments and business to do more to achieve a sustainable future for people and planet. 
There is now an imperative more than ever before for us to work holistically towards economic, social and environmental objectives and to build understanding of how different goals interact with each other.

Three ways you can get involved...

1. Help us map your work to the SDGsmapping sdgs.jpg

Here at the Alliance, we have responded to requests from our membership to map our members’ contributions towards the SDGs.  As an important part of this ongoing project, we have developed a survey that we are asking all our members to complete. We aim to map their work across the world to the 169 targets that sit beneath the 17 SDGs.

The resulting data and publication later this year, will not only facilitate better partnership opportunities between our members, but also act as a tool for us all to better understand Scotland’s wider contribution the SDGs and the inter-linkages between different goals and targets.

If you are an Alliance member, don’t delay -  complete the survey to be entered into a prize draw for your chance to win a place on a UN System Staff College course on sustainable development!


2. Submit evidence to the UK Parliament's International Development Committee Inquiry

The International Development Committee (IDC) at Westminster is currently holding an inquiry into UK progress on the SDGs.  This inquiry comes at an important time, as the UK Government prepares to present its first Voluntary National Review (VNR) on its progress towards the SDGs to the UN at this year’s High Level Political Forum in New York.

The Department for International Development is leading this work for the UK Government, and has set up a website where you can find out more about their approach to the VNR and how you can get involved directly.

We strongly encourage people and organisations in Scotland to look at the scope of the inquiry, and consider submitting written evidence before the deadline on 1st February.

The Alliance will be submitting its own evidence and contributing towards the Bond submission. We welcome contributions from our members, and are seeking endorsement from as many organisations as possible.

You can give your thoughts, request access to the Open Document and ask questions on the Alliance Community.


3. Join Scotland’s SDG Network and its VNR working GroupSDG Network Image 2.png

2018 was a big year for Scotland’s SDG Network, and as 2019 gets underway, there is a lot more to look forward to. 

The Network set up an open (anyone can join) Working Group, in September to focus on how Scotland should contribute to the VNR. The group was joined by the Scottish Government, and since November it has been working to consider this contribution and how it can be used as a catalyst to widen involvement in Scotland.

Thus far, the working group has considered how best to ensure that, whatever the outcome of the UK Government process, Scotland will be in a position not only to report on SDG progress but begin the conversation on engagement and action.

The partnership approach the Network and Scottish Government are taking means that the evidence and information will be publicly available for civil society and others to act on. You can read and comment on the working delivery plan being used. 

The working group sees its initial engagement as the start of a conversation. Working group members have set up this page to crowdsource ideas and information openly and to reach out to a much wider group of people and organisations across Scotland.  As part of this working group, we at the Alliance encourage you to get involved too!