Alliance online training, after the pilot...

Alliance online training, after the pilot...

We have now held the third and final session in a pilot of online training for members. This was a new modality and saw us huddled around our laptops while we were trained in areas including Sustainability, Partnership and Involving People and Income Generation by Graeme Reekie of Wren and Greyhound.

This was a very new approach to training and we were eager to see if this would be a way to ensure that members in every corner of Scotland could access training opportunities. We used the GoToTraining programme which is a sophisticated online training platform with a number of functions, including breakout rooms. Members participated from a number of areas around Scotland, and one member joined us who was overseas at the time.

We learned a great deal through this pilot, well beyond the content of the sessions themselves! The sessions were informative, well facilitated and unlike a webinar format, were interactive and lively. We have been learning quickly about the technology and the debrief after the third training saw a training team who were confident and comfortable with a modality which had seen them rather nervous at the outset.  

Looking ahead, we would like to build on what we have learned from this pilot. Participants overwhelmingly said they would like to see more online trainings. We will shortly survey members to identify key topics. These would be complementary to face to face training, not a replacement and would aim to have a broader reach to members.

The main advantage of online training is that it comes to you. There is no need to factor in time in traffic or travel, or to get to a venue. You just need to settle in a quiet space with a tea or coffee, a pair of headphones, your computer and be ready to join in these engaging learning discussions. We plan to run the next series through the winter. Let’s think of them as “Fireside Trainings”, when you can be sheltered from the outside elements, settled in a cosy space while learning with colleagues and peers. Watch this space!