Alliance members meet UK International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt

Alliance members meet UK International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt

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On 26 January 2018, Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP, Secretary of State for International Development met with a range of Alliance members in Edinburgh during a visit to Edinburgh University’s Easter Bush campus. She heard details of the distinctive contribution being made by Scottish civil society, and also gave an overview of the different issues to which she is particularly committed.  She described her department, DFID, as ‘stellar.’

The roundtable format of the meeting allowed the diverse range of large and small organisations present to outline some of their own key priorites. These included issues such as water resource management, the importance of supporting early years projects, transparency, disability inclusive development, programming in conflict zones, investment in peace building initiatives, the Sustainable Development Goals, partnerships, women’s projects, the accessibility of DFID funding for small organisations and making sure poverty eradication remains a key policy objective for DFID.

Encouragingly, Ms Mourdaunt started her response by saying “Tackling poverty is completely at the heart of what we do.”

She went on to mention a range of areas that she wants to focus on, especially disability inclusion and increasing public support for international development. She believes that the sector needs to demonstrate that international development benefits all of us, and provides "a clear ‘win-win’ for Britain and the world’s poorest." 

Shortly after the meeting, the Secretary of State publicly tweeted her thanks to the Alliance and those present at the meeting. She said "Thank you all for your time in helping shape my priorities. Really helpful discussion."

In other news, the International Development Secretary pledged £225 million to the Global Partnership for Education as she attended a global education conference on 2 February, jointly hosted by France’s President Macron and Senegal’s President Sall.  

According to Devex, many actors believe this pledge falls short, given the new £225 million is lower than the UK’s previous pledge in 2014 which was £300 million. Read more.