Alliance Community Roundup September

Alliance Community Roundup September

As working from home begins to feel like a new normal for many of us and with all but essential travel restrictions being reintroduced, feeling connected to the international development community in Scotland and knowing who you can ask for advice and support is more important than ever.  

Here at the Alliance we have a digital forum called the Alliance Community designed to connect members with each other to discuss, share, and crowdsource solutions to challenges we all face. Over 130 different member organisations and nearly 300 individuals are signed up to the forum.  

Here is a summary of September’s activity, which included: 

Open partnership and collaboration requests include:  

Find out more about what members can use the Alliance Community for on the website. Join the Alliance Community today by signing up and creating your profile. 

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If you have any questions about how to join the Community, or if you are experiencing any issues posting to the Community, please get in touch with Laura via email.