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Frequently asked training questions


Do I need to pay for the training course?

If you are an individual or organisational member of the Alliance, then training courses whether online or in-person are completely free. This includes all refreshments and materials provided on the day. Please book your place via the online booking system.  

If you are not a member of the Alliance and would like to attend a training course, spaces can be booked in advance for a fee. Where there are spaces available, participants may attend for a fee of £50 for a half-day course, and £100 for a full-day course. Priority for course places will be given to Alliance members first and there may be a waiting list. Please email a member of the Effectiveness & Learning team to book a place. 

If you are a Scottish Government grantee receiving funds from the International Development Fund but are not a member of the Alliance, then certain training courses designed as part of the Scottish Government accompaniment services are free to attend. Please book your place via the online booking system, or email the Effectiveness & Learning team to check if you are eligible for a free place. 

Can I have an invoice for my organisation’s records? 

As most of our courses are free you will not receive an invoice unless you are paying to attend a course. You will receive an invoice by email when confirmation of your course booking has been made if there is a fee for your course attendance. VAT is not chargeable for training courses. Please advise us if you require the number of a purchasing order to be included in the invoice to match for your organisation's records.  

When will I receive joining instructions?

We aim to send joining instructions one week prior to the training course, unless you sign up for the course closer to the day. These will include instructions about how to get to the venue and any preparatory work recommended by the trainer. It will also include a pre-training survey so we can understand what you hope to get out of the course.  

If you have not received the joining instructions, please check your clutter or junk folder, and get in touch with a member of the Effectiveness & Learning team if you have any further questions.  

What can I expect from an online training course?

Most of our courses at the moment run using live workshops that are hosted via Zoom and additional exercises, materials, handouts and discussion threads are convened on our learning platform. Instead of coming to a physical room for a day-long workshop, we spread our materials out over roughly two weeks and deliver approximately one day’s worth of content in two (or three) workshops which are normally no longer than 2-hours each.

Before the first workshop we open our learning platform for you to meet attendees, use the discussion forums and look at any materials or resources that might help you prepare for the Zoom workshops. You will get a special ticket link to accessthe online course in the joining instruction email, that goes out roughly a week before the first session.  

If you have any questions about what the online course will look like, or, if you have any technical questions please get in touch with a member of the Effectiveness & Learning team if you have any further questions.  There will always be a dedicated member of staff during each online course to provide technical support and answer any questions you might have about Zoom, our online platform, or joining the course. 

What materials will I receive after the course?

After the course you will receive a copy of all of the training materials, such as the PowerPoint slides and handouts. Where possible you will also receive a copy of a learning report for the day, which will include the contact details for the trainer and an attendee list where individuals are happy to share their details.  

For online learning courses hosted on our learning platform, course attendees will continue to have access to the digital space for a year so that they can watch back any recordings or download any session materials. Most online sessions are recorded for reference. Recordings of online events are intended for use among course attendees – they will be hosted as a private video on Youtube and viewable on the learning platform. In some cases, they may also be shared with our wider membership but we will always ask attendees for permission to share the recording beyond course attendees. Not everything in the session will appear in the recording – you will not be recorded in breakout rooms, and of course you can always ask for all, or, some of what has been said to be cut out. 

Course materials can be found on the previous events page of our website and you are welcome to pass along these materials to colleagues and collaborators. Although, we ask you not to share any course recordings. 

If you have not received the materials for the course, please get in touch with a member of the Effectiveness & Learning team.   

How will you use my personal information and email address?

When you sign up to a training course using our online system you will have the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of any event photography or recordings taken on the day. Photos taken at the event will only be used if participants consent for them to be used across the Alliance’s social media channels, website, event promotion and printed materials.  

During the online event registration, you will also be asked to describe your gender, with four options: 1) prefer not to say, 2) prefer to self-describe, 3) female or 4) male. This information has been asked for by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) which funds part of the Alliance’s training programme through the Uk Aid Connect Civil Society Collective consortium led by Bond. The information will be provided in aggregate and anonymous form to the funder during annual reporting. 

We will only use your email address to contact you about the course you have signed up for. This includes sending you joining instructions prior to the course, sending you the course materials after the course as well as sending you two surveys so that we can capture the usefulness of the course for you. You can expect one survey immediately after the course, and one survey three months after the course date. These surveys help us demonstrate the value of the training we offer to our funders and allow us to make improvements to future courses based on your suggestions. Surveys can be filled out anonymously. 

We will not make your email available to third parties or share it with the external trainer. Please consult the Alliance's privacy policy for further information or contact a member of the Effectiveness & Learning team if you have any questions.  

Can I attend a training course with a colleague?

Where spaces are unallocated, you may register up to two colleagues at the same time as signing up for the event. Please ensure that before the course date we have the correct attendee names, dietary and access requirements, photography consents and email addresses to communicate with your colleagues. For an online course, please ensure that each colleague signs up individually to the course so we have correct email addresses and recording preferences on file. 

There may be instances where courses limit places to one place per Alliance member. In this instance, we may ask to put additional colleagues on a waiting list first. 


Can I send a volunteer or trustee to a training course?

Any staff member, volunteer or trustee for an organisational member of the Alliance may attend a training course. If you have any queries about whether your organisation is a member of the Alliance through a network or membership body which is itself a member of the Alliance, please contact the Membership Services Manager for clarification.  

Can I transfer my place to a colleague if I am no longer able to attend?

If you are no longer able to attend a session you can transfer your place to a colleague. You can cancel your event registration by logging in to the website and then your colleague can separately register for a place if there is one available. If the event is full or if you would like us to process the change in course attendee, then please email a member of the Effectiveness & Learning team or phone the office and we would be happy to help. Please ensure that before the course date we have the correct attendee name and email address to communicate with your nominated colleague.  

Is the training venue fully accessible?

All training venues we book are fully accessible but if there is anything that we can do to help you to participate more fully in the training course, please let us know. If you would like to book a disabled parking space at a venue, please email a member of the Effectiveness & Learning team and we will reserve one, if one is available. 

We will update the FAQs soon with regards to online training accessibility soon. There is always an accessibility statement available on our learning platform and we are happy to discuss accessiblity in advance of an online course.

What time will the course start?

Full day training sessions usually begin at 10:00 and half day training courses normally begin at either 09:30 or 13:00. However, please check the joining instructions for the exact registration times. If you are going to be late for a session due to travel or other commitments, please let us know in advance so that we can inform the trainer of approximate numbers for each exercise.  

Can I have a certificate?

We are currently working on developing certificates for online courses. If you would like a certificate to confirm your participation in the course you have attended and one is not automically offered, please get in touch with the E&L team.

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