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Friends of Chitambo :: in Time of COVID-19

18th March 2022

Bridget Innes, Trustee

Friends of Chitambo

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Entrepreneurs & NGOs Responsibly Adapting to Digital Transformation

10th March 2022

Susan Obasi-Ikeagwu

Restore Missions Solutions

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Women and water :: International Women's Day

8th March 2022

Sylvia Owino

Send a Cow Kenya

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Voices from South Sudan, where the climate crisis alarm bells continue to sound

21st February 2022

Jo Dallas

Media Officer, Christian Aid Scotland

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A Scottish charity gone global :: Kids OR

17th February 2022

Garreth Wood

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Kids OR

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COP26 has been and gone - now is the time for action.

7th February 2022

Martin Rhodes

Chief Executive, Scottish Fair Trade Forum

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Meeting intersecting challenges: Delivering climate- and COVID19- resilient WASH facilities for vulnerable communities

30th November 2021

Yankho Mataya

Regional Funding Manager for Southern Africa, WaterAid

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From Vicious Circle to Circle of Life

22nd July 2021

Dr Cathy Ratcliff


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Building Zero Waste Cities

17th May 2021

Nat Libby


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