Cerebral Palsy Africa win DFID small charity funding

Cerebral Palsy Africa win DFID small charity funding

the Cerebral Palsy Africa is delighted to have won a DfID grant to run a two year project in Ghana to equip 19 special needs teachers from around the country to enable the children with cerebral palsy in their classroom to learn. 

We will do this through courses in the nature of Cerebral Palsy and how it affects children. We will also train teachers to make the special chairs and standing frames necessary to support them in good positions so that they can function well.  These items will be made from waste paper and cardboard but will be strong and adaptable and appropriate for each child’s needs.

An assessor who worked with us in a previous 3 year grant once said “Cerebral Palsy is a small organisation punching way above its weight”.  I am not sure if this was meant to be a compliment of a criticism of our rather hand to mouth management but I think it encouraged us to continue to aim for the stars.

Applying for a DfID grant felt like that but we were hugely encouraged by our partner organisation in Ghana, Multikids Africa.  This is another organisation reaching for the stars. They run a private school in Accra that provides primary and secondary education for mainstream children in which children with disabilities are not only included but are often given scholarships to support them to do so. The head teacher, Amanda Budge is an English special education teacher trainer, married to a Ghanaian who not only runs the school but has also earned the trust of the Special Education department of the Ghana Ministry of Education and has been working with them to train their special needs teachers. 

The grant applicaton process was a roller coaster of learning.  Hopes and encouragement from the grant assessors were interspersed with deep feelings of despair when faced with stern warnings about the policies that not only needed to be written but also seen to be implemented.  It all seemed way out of our league.

We could hardly believe it though that in a workshop in London when we met face to face with the UK Aid assessor, she said this is an outstanding project and we are delighted to support it!  Then in the next moment, we were totally deflated by the Due Diligence assessor who said our budget needed to be completely rewritten and it was unrealistic. 

Despite this though, we are now in the process of preparing for our trainers to travel to Ghana.  The handouts have all been written and packed in file covers (£1 each from our local Pound Store) ready to travel with them.  Our Ghanaian physiotherapists previously trained on our courses have had a refresher course made possible on WhatsApp so that they can assist in the training and we hope enough paper and cardboard will have been gathered by our partners.

We have a hard task ahead of us but we are buoyed up by the enthusiasm of our partners and by the needs we know our training will be able to meet.

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