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Knowledge is Power: Helping Adolescent Girls Take Control

11th September 2019

James Tulloch

Scottish Love in Action

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An Islamic Declaration on Gender Justice: It’s Time for Greater Equality and Sustainability All Round

2nd September 2019

Maria Zafar, Campaigns and Community Mobilisation Coordinator

Islamic Relief UK

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Lessons on supporting girls to learn

28th August 2019

Lyndsey Alexander

Link Community Development

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Making our Public Spaces Safe for Women

13th August 2019

Ann McKechin, Trustee

UN Women UK Committee

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Untangling Intersectionality: Putting Inequalities Front and Centre

5th August 2019

Dr. Marianna Leite, Global Lead – Gender and Inequality

Christian Aid

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Should we continue with gender mainstreaming?

5th August 2019

Lara Plang, Managing Partner


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What difference do women leaders make in humanitarian crises?

5th August 2019

Lila Caballero, Head of Research & Programme Policy

ActionAid UK

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Increasing access to education in Uganda

2nd July 2019

Mark Frankland

The Kupata Project

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Cerebral Palsy Africa win DFID small charity funding

28th June 2019

By Archie Hinchcliffe, Executive Director

Cerebral Palsy Africa

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