Get started with the Alliance Community

How to get started with the Alliance Community 

The Alliance Community is an easy to use digital forum which allows you to interact with Alliance staff and other member organisations. We have created a series of simple instructions below to help you get started using the Alliance Community and we have also created a short video to demonstrate how to complete a series of tasks (including what to do if you forget your password!).  

How to get to the Alliance Community 

  1. Follow the link to the Alliance Community from the circular button at the top right-hand side of the website  


  1.  Or type as the URL into your browser 

How to create your profile 

  1. Click on the blue button to ‘Sign Up’ 

  1. Fill in your name, organisation and email address. Create a username and password (and remember to make it memorable!) 

How to start a new conversation 

  1. Click on the ‘+ New Topic’ blue button mid-way down the right-hand side of the page 

  1. Create a title for your post 

  1. Choose a category for the post in the drop-down menu, options include: working groups, the annual conference, policy and advocacy, learning spaces, Scottish Government priority topics, other specific countries, humanitarian and safeguarding

  1. Type your text into the text box. You can format text, add hyperlinks and also attach images. Please note that to make sure users can identify that you have added a hyperlink, we recommend that you highlight the text in bold

  1.  Click on the dark blue ‘+ Create Topic’ button to create your post 

How to tag someone in a post or in a reply  

  1. Type the @ symbol to tag a user and begin to type their username 

  1. Select an Alliance Community user in the dropdown menu that will appear 


How to receive alerts when someone responds to your post 

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the post you want to receive notifications about 

  1. Click on the light blue button below the bookmark button, this will either be titled ‘watching’, ‘tracking’, ‘normal’ or ‘muted’ 

  1. Select ‘watching’ from the dropdown menu 

How to reset your password 

  1. Click on the blue ‘Log In’ button 

  1. Type in your email or username into the field 

  1. Click on the light blue ‘with email’ button on the right-hand side of the box 

  1. Check your emails 

  1. Click on the hyperlink sent to you or copy and paste it into your browser 

Need more help or advice?  

If you have a question or require more advice about using the online forum, please get in touch with Laura via email. You can find out more about getting started as a new user of the forum’s platform on the Discourse website. You can also find a series of FAQs on the Alliance Community. If you want to leave us feedback about the forum or make a suggestion for new topics and categories that you would like to see, you can post in the feedback section of the Alliance Community. 

Fixing common problems 

There are a number of common problems that have relatively simple solutions. We recommend that you do three quick things before you get in touch with us:  

  1. Check the category or comment thread permission levels, some categories are closed groups which are only open to certain members for comment e.g. organisations receiving Scottish Government small grants funding. 

  1. Check that you are using a compatible internet browser. Discourse forums work with: Internet Explorer 11+, Google Chrome 32+, Firefox 27+ and Safari 6.1+ 

  1. Check for service outages on Discourse’s Twitter feed.

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