Safeguarding Specialists

Safeguarding Specialists

The Alliance offers safeguarding support and services to Alliance members through its Effectiveness and Learning programme of training, Safeguarding Working Group, resources and mentoring support. However, there may be a need for tailored support in terms of training sessions/awareness raising sessions, developing a safeguarding policy or investigation guidance. 

The following are individuals with whom the Alliance has been working, and who specialise in different areas of safeguarding. They have an understanding of the Scottish context, and small-medium organisations. They can be contacted directly to engage for consultancy, training or other services as may suit your organisation.

Michael Daly

Michael’s extensive work in financial management for organisations such as Red Cross and SCIAF, combines with running a small NGO, Classrooms for Malawi, and 15 years volunteering with children with additional needs. He is a mentor for the Alliance.

Safeguarding specialisms:

  • Policy development
  • Leadership & safeguarding culture
  • Governance
  • Development of reporting & case management procedure
  • Survivor-centred approach
  • Vetting via Disclosure Scotland

Email: Michael Daly

Ceris Jones

With over 15 years experience in the international development sector, Ceris is a freelance trainer & consultant. Direct work with the Alliance includes mentoring organisations, and assisting the development and training of safeguarding activities.

Safeguarding specialisms:

  • Audits & assessments
  • Policy development
  • Training
  • Leadership & safeguarding culture
  • Governance

Email: Ceris Jones

Grace Ommer

Grace has been working in international Development for the last 20 years, with small NGOs in Bangladesh as an Organisational Development Adviser and then for Oxfam International for 16 years. This has been mainly as Country Director in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, with safeguarding a significant part of her role. She is now a consultant, and a mentor and trainer for the Alliance. 

Safeguarding specialisms:

  • Emphasis on work with overseas partners
  • Training
  • Leadership & safeguarding culture
  • Governance
  • Reporting
  • Case management & investigations
  • Survivor-centred approaches
  • Safe recruitment

Email: Grace Ommer

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