Networks & Collaboratives

Networks & Collaborators

There are an increasing number of opportunities to connect and engage with others working in safeguarding in international development, to share skills and experiences as well as to collaborate to raise standards and push for positive change.


  • Bond: amongst all their safeguarding services, resources, & networking opportunities, Bond also has “an online space for members to share ideas, resources and good practice around safeguarding issues”

  • The Safeguarding Resource & Support Hub (RSH) “creates opportunities for meaningful engagement through online communities, discussion forums and live events.” This includes specific networks in Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Sudan.

  • Funder Safeguarding Collaborative: The FSC aims to bring people together “to promote collaboration, listening, and learning among funders and organizations to support and strengthen safeguarding practices”

  • Safeguarding Leads Network: this network gives opportunities for safeguarding professionals to link with each other.

  • The Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) is the sister organisation of the Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP). They are networks coordinating activities between Malawi and Scotland and have been involved in strengthening safeguarding. MaSP has been working with members on research, events  and training to address safeguarding needs in Malawi. Read more about this work here.

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Networks & Collaboratives


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