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Leadership & Culture


Organisational culture is often referred to as ‘the way we do things around here’. Evidence shows that workplaces which lack a healthy safeguarding culture can be warning signs of incidents going unreported - people must feel comfortable raising concerns and complaints, and witness the behaviour of leaders setting positive examples. Changing culture takes time, and needs leaders at  all levels who are willing to instigate organisational and personal changes. 

Scotland’s International Development Alliance has worked closely with Bond on the development of its Tool for Leaders: Developing and Modelling a Tools for Positive Safeguarding Culture. This is a discussion-based tool to support leaders of organisations to understand what a positive safeguarding culture looks like & identify what changes they can make. 

In recognition of its particular membership base, the Alliance helped to develop in particular a version for smaller organisations. Follow the links to ‘get started’ to find both versions for larger and smaller organisations. 

Tool for Leaders: Developing and Modelling a Tools for Positive Safeguarding Culture

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