Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due diligence on in-country partners is now a requirement for Scottish grant holders, or, those seeking a Scottish Government grant. The term due diligence can be difficult to unpack, but in plain English it means carrying out checks on and with your potential in-country partner to make sure they have the robust policies and procedures in place to safeguard against risk.
Risk is usually focused on financial, or, personal safety as a result of operating in countries that are deemed ‘unsafe’, however, risk has been expanded more recently to include providing assurance of adequate safeguarding policies and procedures being in place.  
Due diligence can take the form of a due diligence enquiry, or, a risk assessment, and both are equally as valid in determining the capacity and appropriateness of potential in-country partners.  It must be noted that due diligence and risk assessments are normally carried out when a partnership is being explored, and the way you carry out this initial dialogue will determine the level of due diligence your organisation can evidence – please see the IVS and the Open University documents below.
However, risk assessments and due diligence forms can be used with current partnerships in order to open dialogue and facilitate conversations around good safeguarding practices. Challenges of carrying out due diligence and risk assessment on current partnerships will be covered in the forthcoming section ‘working with in-country partners ’. 

Institutional Guidance

BOND's guide to Sharing Due Diligence (pdf)
DFID's  Enhanced Due Diligence (pdf)

Examples of Due Diligence and Compliance Forms/Templates

The Alliance's Risk Assessment Template (word)
Open University's Due Diligence Form (pdf)

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