"Safer for All" – Safeguarding Support Package 

Safeguarding promotes the safety and welfare of people involved in the delivery or receipt of humanitarian aid and development assistance, protecting them from harm, including all forms of exploitation, abuse and harassment. 

Safer for All principles and dimensions

Safer for All: the purpose of the package is to nurture safe organisations which are founded on the key principles of safeguarding and encompasses the dimensions of mitigation, reporting and investigation. 

From 2018, safeguarding has been  under considerable scrutiny following heightened media attention on the international development sector and abuses that had taken place in development and humanitarian work.  It was recognised that many organisations needed support in developing policies that would strive to go beyond compliance, and towards a gold standard of safeguarding.  
Therefore, the Scottish Government, in collaboration with Scotland’s International Development Alliance (the Alliance), has set out to ensure that organisations in Scotland which are working overseas are supported in their development and implementation of safeguarding policies and procedures.  This has involved a survey and series of interviews to establish a picture of current policies in place, and what support the sector felt it needed in the development and implementation of policies. This has guided and informed the development of this “Safer for All” Safeguarding Support Package.  
This is a package of resources to support organisations to strengthen their safeguarding policies, procedures and practice. The package “Safer for All” comprises references, resources, tools, templates, examples and training modules and is accompanied by a structured programme of capacity development, workshops and training.  This includes the Policy Development Guide (currently being updated), Safeguarding Training for Trustees and Training for Safeguarding Focal Points/Leads developed and delivered by the Alliance. As more resources and initiatives are produced, these are signposted.
The "Safer for All" Package is continually being developed and refined, and additional elements and content will be added as this progresses. 

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If you would like to hear more about the support and specifically the capacity development that the Alliance offers to Scotland based organisations please get in touch with a member of the team. Please be aware that we will continue to work on these webpages and add content as the field of safeguarding and available resources continue to evolve.
We welcome your feedback on the package. If you feel that there is a resource or training session that would be particularly useful for your organisation that the Alliance could develop or offer, please fill out the feedback form below to let us know your thoughts. 

Safeguarding Resources

Tools, templates and examples of various safeguarding resources and policies.

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Safeguarding Definitions

Different organisations' definitions of safeguarding.

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Due Diligence

A definition of due diligence and examples of the due diligence process.

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Example Policies

Examples of safeguarding policies from different large, medium and small organisations.

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Complementary Policies

Sample codes of conduct, whilstleblowing and bullying & harassment policies

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Reporting & Investigation

An example of a reporting and case management form.

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Legislative Context

Legislative policies relating to the wider safeguarding context in Scotland and the UK.

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Meet the Safer for All Package

Ministerial foreward to the Safer for All package.

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Scotland's Global Role

The Scottish Government's international development policy and how it relates to safeguarding.

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UK Context

The wider UK safeguarding context and key government summits.

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