Policy Work

Our policy work

As the only membership body that inclusively champions global sustainable development in Scotland, we have an important role to play in terms of policy and influencing.

We make connections between our members and decision-makers, creating ways for members to connect directly with decision-makers in Scotland and beyond. We believe we have a responsibility to our members to work with governments, helping to inform their policy decisions, to support and promote them, and when appropriate, to challenge them. Our activities include:

Scotland & global sustainable development: time to chart a new path?

This paper makes the case for a new Scottish Government (SG) ‘Global Solidarity Strategy’ that would replace the 2016 International Development Strategy. A new strategy of this kind would sit alongside the new Global Affairs Framework and would set out clearly what it seeks to achieve, why, and how.

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Towards a Wellbeing and Sustainable Development Bill

A report providing detailed recommendations for new, world-leading legislation that puts joined-up policymaking, linking global and domestic priorities, alongside human and environmental wellbeing, at the forefront of decision-making.

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Draft Discussion Paper: Scottish Government International Development Programming – a new way forward for global solidarity?

Draft discussion paper for consultation with members and partners regarding Scottish Government International Development Programming.

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Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development

This page summarises the concept of policy coherence and links to our main our main body of work on this issue -  an open and editable Wiki.

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2021-2026 Policy Priorities for Scotland

This is our flagship report outlining policy priorities for political parties to include in their 2021 Scottish Election manifestos. It covers five key areas important to our members and will remain a key policy document for us throughout the 2021-2026 parliamentary session.

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Alliance Policy Committee

This page summarises details and membership of the Alliance Policy Committee which meets regularly to share policy and advocacy priorities, find ways to collaborate and steer the Alliance's policy work.

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Consultation submissions, policy briefings & letters to decision-makers

An archive of written policy work undertaken by the Alliance, including letters to decision-makers, consultation responses, and briefings.

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Policy Coherence for Development: Exploring and Learning from European PCD Approaches

This report compares different policy coherence for development (PCD) approaches across six different countries in Europe.

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Scotland's Place in Building a Just World

A detailed report examining recommendations on how to implement policy coherence for development.

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