Policy and Infuencing

Policy and Influencing

As the only membership body that inclusively champions global sustainable development in Scotland, we have an important role to play in terms of policy and influencing. Check out some of our work below.

Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development

This page summarises the concept of policy coherence and links to our main our main body of work on this issue -  an open and editable Wiki.

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2021-2026 Policy Priorities for Scotland

This is our flagship report outlining policy priorities for political parties to include in their 2021 Scottish Election manifestos. It covers five key areas most important to our members ahead of the May 2021 Holyrood Election.

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The Alliance Policy Committee

This page summarises details and membership of the Alliance Policy Committee which meets regularly to share policy and advocacy priorities, find ways to collaborate and steer the Alliance's policy work.

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Consultation submissions, policy briefings & letters to decision-makers

An archive of written policy work undertaken by the Alliance, including letters to decision-makers, consultation responses, and briefings.

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Policy Coherence for Development: Exploring and Learning from European PCD Approaches

This report compares different policy coherence for development (PCD) approaches across six different countries in Europe.

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Scotland's Place in Building a Just World

A detailed report examining recommendations on how to implement policy coherence for development.

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What does our policy and influencing work entail?

Convening conversations, dialogue and connections with decision-makers

We broker connections between our members and decision-makers, creating ways for members to connect directly with decision makers both in Scotland and beyond.

We organise  quarterly meetings with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Minister for International Development

We also provide the secretariat for the Cross Party Group (CPG) on International Development at Holyrood, and convene meetings for our members with political party leaders across the political spectrum. 

At UK level, we maintain important relationships with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Officethe International Development Committee at the House of Commons,  MPs and shadow spokespersons on International Development from different political parties.

Members should keep an eye on our events page for opportunities to engage with decision-makers at both Scotland and UK level.


Maintaining a collective voice on issues related to global sustainable development

We ask all our members to adhere to a values statement that shapes our collective voice on the overarching importance of global sustainable development and on distinct policy areas that impact upon  the lives and livelihoods of people and communities accross the 'Global South'. 

We inlcusively champion the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Scotland, the UK and internationally and we work with the Scottish Government to enhance policy coherence for sustainable development (PCSD).

You can see our position on a number of areas including the economy, international development funding, global citizenship education and more by checking out our 2021 report 'Scotland for a Fairer World: 2021-26 Policy Priorities'

The Alliance Policy Committee, a sub-group of our Board of Trustees, drives our work on behlf of our membership. Agendas and minutes of all meetings are published here.

The group is meant to be flexible and open, so input to future agendas is welcomed by all members.  Get in touch if you wish to get involved or would like more information.

We also facilitate collaborative responses to relevant Scottish and UK government consultations and provide briefings for relevant debates in the Scottish Parliament.


Working with governments

We believe we have a responsibility to our members to work with governments, helping to inform their policy decisions, to support and promote them, and when appropriate, to challenge them.

We believe that productive dialogue, for the benefit of our members, is only possible if built on good working relationships at both political and civil service level.  Establishing and maintaining these relationships is an important part of our objectives.

Get in touch for more information.

Sharing stories

Our policy and advocacy work relies on our ability to identify and promote the extremely important work done by our members and their partners.  Making sure both decision-makers and the wider public understand the value of international development is fundamental to helping us realise our vision of a Scotland committed to creating a fairer world, free from poverty, injustice and environmental threats.  Have a story to share? Get in touch

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