Scottish Government Small Grants Programme Notice Board

Scottish Government Small Grants Programme Networking Opportunity

Notice board hosted by Scotland's International Development Alliance for organisations seeking and offering partnership opportunities in Rwanda & Zambia.

Small (income under £200,000 pa) organisations based or represented in Scotland who are interested in making contact with Rwandan and Zambian civil society organisations working in the sectors that meet the Scottish Government’s funding criteria may submit contact information and a brief summary of their proposed project that will be posted on this page.

To submit a listing, please email Lewis Ryder-Jones if you are not a member of the Alliance.  Members can simply post a message directly below if they are logged in.  In both cases, please keep the summary to 150 words or less. 

Rwandan and Zambian civil society organisations who meet the Scottish Government’s funding criteria and who are interested in partnering with a Scottish organisation may also post a notice on the same noticeboard.

In Zambia, help in making connections has been offered by Civil Society for Poverty Reduction, see:

In Rwanda, SG Main Grants grant-holder Aberdeen University offers an introduction to ARTCF, a local NGO engaged in womens’ empowerment through literacy programmes.  See a summary of ARTCF’s activities here.

Important Disclaimer!  Please remember the need for all organisations to conduct their own due diligence before entering into any partnership agreements.  Scotland’s International Development Alliance accepts no responsibility for the outcome of any partnerships brokered through this noticeboard. 

This noticeboard will be taken down after the cut-off date for submissions on 13th November 2017.

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