UK COP26 Coalition Co-Coordinator - Friends of the Earth Scotland

UK COP26 Coalition Co-Coordinator - Friends of the Earth Scotland

Salary: £30,582

Location: Glasgow 

About the Organisation: 

Friends of the Earth Scotland are campaigning for a world where everyone can enjoy a healthy environment and a fair share of the Earth's resources. Climate change is the greatest threat to this aim, that’s why they're calling for a just transition to a 100% renewable, nuclear-free, zero-fossil-fuel Scotland.

They exist to campaign, with partners here and across the globe, for a just transition to a sustainable society. Their work in Scotland is for socially just solutions to environmental problems and to create a green economy. They campaign to end the degradation of our environment and to create a society which cherishes and protects the natural world on which we depend. They think globally and act locally, enabling people to take individual and collective action.

About the UK COP26 Coalition: 

From 9-20 November 2020, the UN climate talks (COP26) will take place in Glasgow. The UK COP26 Coalition is a broad UK-wide coalition of representatives from NGOs, faith groups, trade unions, direct action groups, student and youth, migrant and racial justice, grassroots and international climate justice networks, set up to coordinate activities around this crucial summit. The Coalition will be the vehicle by which civil society plan together, share resources and learning, and organise a mass mobilisation and Peoples' counter-summit during the COP. It has the potential to support the transformation of the climate movement in the UK, to a stronger, more climate-justice centred movement long after COP26 is over.

The aims of the COP26 Coalition are to:

  • Organise around COP26 in a transformative, climate justice-centred way, that creates space for hope and is inclusive and accountable to the full breadth of civil society and international climate movements
  • Use COP26 as a moment to strengthen the Scottish, UK and International climate justice movements to build power for system change - before, during and after the COP.
  • Enable civil society to use COP26 as leverage for making gains at the domestic level that advance climate justice, and ensure best outcome possible from the COP itself.

The Purpose of this Role: 

The Coalition has secured funding to employ two UK COP26 Coalition Coordinators, one in Glasgow and one in London. This is to reflect the unusual context of this important summit, which requires managing complex political and civil society dynamics emerging from a UK Government hosted COP taking place in the devolved administration of Scotland.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with diverse organisations, networks and movements across Scotland, the UK and internationally, to help strengthen the climate justice movement as a key legacy of the Glasgow talks. The postholder will need to be an excellent networker, highly organised, skilled in facilitation and communication with a wide range of audiences, have a strong track record of working with marginalised groups and have an understanding of the wider political context around the climate summit.

The postholder will coordinate a broad, diverse and inclusive coalition of civil society groups, working in a flexible and open way that allows for different levels of access and involvement, engaging established and new actors across the breadth of sectoral, thematic and regional spaces.

Formally supervised by Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Head of Campaigns, the role will be accountable to the UK COP26 Coalition initially by way of the Interim Co-ordinating Group and subsequently by way of the Co-ordinating Committee when established.

Main Responsibilities

Working with the London-based Co-Coordinator, the Glasgow-based Co-Coordinator will:

  • Facilitate the coordination, effective and representative functioning of the Working Groups and Coordinating Committee of the UK COP 26 Coalition. Ensure that decisions of the Coalition are acted on, that deadlines and outputs are met. 
  • Develop strategies to deliver on the Coalition’s overarching aims and areas of work, and ensure that the Coalition acts in accordance with agreed general principles.
  •  Ensure a fully representative Coordinating Committee is in place by summer.
  • Organise and deliver regular Coalition meetings in Glasgow, and attend Coalition meetings in London as appropriate.
  • Act as main point of contact for the Coalition in Scotland, for Coalition members and other actors.
  • With the Fundraising Working Group, secure additional funds required to deliver on Coalition aims, manage the Coalition budget and report to funders.
  • With the Logistics Working Group, ensure strong communication with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Coalition staff delivering Coalition priorities on logistics.
  • Recruit and line manage additional Coalition staff, and contractors as appropriate.
  • Enable and support engagement in the Coalition by new and existing actors, which address existing structural barriers in the Environmental and Climate Justice movements.
  • Prioritise outreach to and effective engagement with groups and networks under represented in mainstream climate and environmental movements, such as migrant and ethnic minority groups and those representing poor and working class communities.
  • With the International Solidarity Working group, ensure strong links and liaison with global South movements in the work of the Coalition to help shape delivery of key activities.

How to Apply: 

More information, including the full job description is available on the Friends of the Earth Scotland website. 

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