Trustees (including Chair and Vice Chair) - Team Kenya

Trustees (including Chair and Vice Chair) - Team Kenya


Location: Home-based, with travel to Team Kenya’s office in Newcastle. 

Renumeration: Voluntary role with relevant expense reimbursed.  

Commitment: Participating in bi-monthly meetings & annual workshop.

About the Organisation:

Team Kenya are committed to reduce extreme poverty and inequality within poor communities in Ndhiwa, Western Kenya. Our programmes promote gender equality and sustainable development, working in close partnership with a local Kenyan NGO (NCEDP) to adopt a grassroots, participatory approach to development. Together we holistically work with 28 primary schools and their surrounding communities, promoting gender equality and tackling barriers which prevent girls from accessing quality education, enabling girls and women in rural Kenya to create their own bright futures and whole communities to break the cycle of poverty.  

Summary of Responsibilities:

As a member of the Team Kenya Board of Trustees you, along with the remaining trustees, will take collective responsibility for directing the affairs of the charity, ensuring it is running efficiently, effectively and within the law.  
This includes:

  • Handling the management and administration of the charity, whilst exercising a duty of care.
  • Acting with integrity and managing conflicts of interest.
  • Ensuring the charity’s finances are used appropriately, prudently and lawfully in accordance with its objectives.
  • Approving annual reports and accounts.
  • Ensuring the charity remains solvent, keeping abreast of the charity’s activities and financial position.
  • Ensuring the charity’s fundraising activities adhere to legal requirements.
  • Ensuring compliance with charity law and other relevant legislation, and with the rules, purpose and objectives in Team Kenya’s governing document.
  • Ensuring the charity’s objectives remain relevant and amending them as necessary.
  • Helps plan and run trustee meetings, ensuring they are properly run and recorded.  

You will be individually responsible for:

  • Dedicating sufficient time, thought and energy to your duties as a Trustee, making use of your skills, experience and contacts. Behaving with integrity and professionalism.
  • Acting as a representative and advocate for Team Kenya.
  • Attendance at a minimum of two thirds of Board of Trustee meetings in any 12 month period.
  •  Attendance at other meetings as required (e.g. operational or strategy meetings).
  • Providing apologies in advance of meetings if you are unable to attend.
  • Leading or contributing to particular projects, activities or areas of work as agreed by the Board of Trustees.
  • Undertaking training to enhance your effectiveness in the role.
  • Acting as a spokesperson and representative for Team Kenya.  
  • Provides a link between the remaining trustees and the staff.  
  • Supports staff, including recruitment, line managing the CEO, ensuring supervision and regular meetings.  
  • Provide leadership, not control, through all levels of the organisation. 

How to Apply: 

To apply to become part of our board please head over to Team Kenya's website. Applications will be reviewed continually on a rolling basis.  

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