International Conservation and Cleanup Management Summer Internship - ICCM


International Conservation and Cleanup Management Summer Internship - ICCM

International Conservation and Cleanup Management (ICCM) is a newly formed registered social enterprise in Malawi. 82% of people in Malawi are living in rural conditions and depend on the natural environment for resources. A low standard of environmental education contributes to water disease outbreaks every year. We are here to facilitate improvement of healthy and clean environments in rural and peri-urban communities in Malawi through schemes that reduce, reuse and recycle waste in a manner that provides social and economic improvements to livelihoods.

Our team is composed of experienced individuals who work to share knowledge and empower people for a change in mind set.

We use holistic solutions: finding income from social co-operate responsibility and awareness events that are used for capacity building and income generating activities. Our innovative strategies and use of existing structures will benefit Malawi as waste management is tackled through collaboration and mobilization of various interested stakeholders.


A clean less polluted, healthy environment with sustainable ecosystems.


To have a community that is aware, educated and engaged in issues surrounding waste management, to promote behaviour change and closed loop waste management practices.


·         Reduce pollution of water and land

·         Improve/increase health and nutrition of people

·         Promote behaviour change around waste

·         Increased resiliency and knowledge of environmental awareness and the implementation of our waste management systems

·         Promote waste technologies and innovations for economic and resource value



Holistic Waste Management and Innovation: We manage waste by collecting, sorting, reusing and promoting innovations made from waste to improve livelihoods and reduce enviromental harm.

Environmental Education: Our education programs and events aim to bring awareness to the harmful impacts of poor waste management. We want to encourage mindset change, so that waste is seen as a resource, rather than something to be discarded.

Capacity building: we train individuals, communities, organizations and government in innovative waste management systems.This includes developing community waste management hubs and creating a network of enviromentally responsible organistions and busineses.


ICCM are currently looking for a volunteer to fill our summer internship role. The role involves working alongside our Malawi team to ensure successful completion of ongoing projects; contributing ideas and helping in the implementation of existing ICCM activities and events; and working with our Malawi team on the development of our fast-growing social enterprise. Our summer internships are an exciting opportunity to work with a grassroots organisation and witness positive change and results in developing communities, helping to create real-time solutions to waste issues and reduce environmental impact.

We are looking for:

·         A dynamic person who can show great initiative and leadership skills

·         Strong communication skills

·         Strategic thinker with capacity to see the bigger picture

·         Consistent thorough and tenacious

·         A team player capable of engaging with colleagues around ICCM’s agenda

Skills and experience:

·         Previous experience of projects driven by social and environmental impacts

·         Experience of developing and executing presentations, programmes or events with clearly identifiable outcomes

·         Experience of leadership and teamwork with a focus on performance and results

·         An understanding of businesses and opportunities in the environmental and waste management sector

·         Excellent writing and reporting skills


If you are interested in applying for one of our internships, please do not hesitate to contact us on the emails below:

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