Senior Manager, Evaluation Impact & Learning - GALVmed

Senior Manager, Evaluation Impact & Learning - GALVmed

Location: Edinburgh

Salary: £44k - £48k p.a

Postion: Full time

About the Organisation: 

GALVmed is a unique organisation with an inspiring mission.  Their mandate is to translate the gains from research and development in vaccines and medicines into tangible benefits for the hundreds of millions of smallholders in the developing world who depend on livestock for their livelihoods.  The potential for improving livelihoods and rural economies in this way is substantial, but the challenges are also considerable.  They are fortunate in receiving significant funding from our long-term primary donors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK Department for International Development.  With this support, GALVmed are making significant progress as they work towards their vision.  However, the need for exceptional talent and expertise remains ever present.  

About the Role: 

This is a key role within the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) function which assesses the impact which GALVmed’s initiatives are making in the field. The incumbent will therefore be at the heart of GALVmed’s inspiring mission, which aims to improve the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers in Africa and South Asia. In assessing impact and progress towards this overarching objective, the M&E function plays a critical role by undertaking field studies and providing associated analysis and interpretation which builds our understanding of impact. A particular future focus for GALVmed, and this role in particular, will be in better communicating the outputs of M&E studies and embedding the key learnings within GALVmed and their wider network of partners. 

Outline of Responsibilities:

Monitoring and Evaluation - Communication:

  • Delivering a comprehensive programme of communication outputs such that the information, learning and understanding gained through the M&E function is effectively disseminated and communicated both within
  • GALVmed and the wider international development and animal health community.Associated with the above, delivering a comprehensive programme of activities within GALVmed and its network of partners that promotes the use of M&E evidence to inform relevant programmatic and strategic decisions.

Monitoring and Evaluation - Survey Design, Data Analysis and Interpretation:

  • In collaboration with M&E colleagues, framing the underlying research questions which will collectively inform GALVmed’s M&E learning agenda. Leading in the planning and design of robust field studies which will deliver the data necessary to address the above research questions.
  • Overseeing data collection activities and ensuring that subsequent data analysis is of a high standard and presente in a format that will aid interpretation.
  • In collaboration with M&E colleagues and other GALVmed departments, interpreting the data and packaging it in a
  • format that promotes subsequent communication and dissemination activities.

Monitoring and Evaluation - Strategy:

  • Participating in the on-going planning, developing and refining of the overall GALVmed M&E learning agenda and the associated programme of work.
  • Working with M&E colleagues to build and maintain strong and productive relations with independent impact assessors as and when these are engaged with GALVmed work.
  • Building and maintaining an excellent network of contacts and relationships within the M&E community and ensuring that GALVmed has a strong grasp of current M&E thinking and a good team of consultants with which to deliver specific projects.

New Initiatives and Funding Related Activities:

  • Assisting with the development of new concept notes and proposals for submission to donors. Additionally, and from time to time, assisting with the drafting of reports to donors and other ad-hoc requests for information by donors.

How to Apply:

Please apply directly on the GALVmed website by clicking on the following link. 

Deadline: 10 November 

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