Senior Campaigns Officer - SCIAF

Senior Campaigns Officer - SCIAF

Location: Glasgow

Salary: £34,134 - £38,353 per annum

About the Organisation 

SCIAF is the official overseas aid and development agency of the Catholic Church in Scotland, established in 1965 to express the commitment and concern of the Scottish Catholic community towards poor and marginalised communities across the world.

SCIAF works in partnership with local and church organisations, supporting communities in fifteen developing countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to bring about lasting change.  SCIAF envisages a world without poverty: where the poorest not only survive but thrive; people’s dignity is ensured and rights are respected; basic needs are met and resources are shared equitably; people have control over their own lives; and those in power act for the common good.

Our Public Engagement work is focused on increasing support for SCIAF through a strategy of Reflect, Act, Give – where Reflect includes our work on Development Education, Act includes Campaigning, and Give includes both Fundraising and Volunteering.  Our Influencing work integrates advocacy and policy, lobbying, popular campaigning, media work and programming in order to achieve policy change and positively impact the lives of the communities we serve.  This cross-departmental role is located in the Public Engagement Department and reports to the Director of Public Engagement but is also a part of the Influencing Team (located in the Integral Human Development Department - IHDD). 

This complex role will take our campaigning to a new level, both in meeting SCIAF’s Influencing objectives and growing our profile with our supporters.  In 2020 the UN climate summit negotiations, or COP 26, comes to Glasgow, which is an opportunity to motivate and engage new and existing supporters to exert maximum pressure on the UK and global players, to ensure that global warming does not exceed the dangerous tipping point of 1.5 degrees. Beyond 2020, this role will help to shape SCIAF campaigns into the future, ensuring that whatever we do maximises the impact of our efforts to bring about structural change and a more just world. 

About the Role

This cross-departmental role will lead, plan and deliver effective campaigning to bring about action to change the world and increase engagement with and the number of SCIAF supporters.

 In 2020 the Senior Campaigns Officer will: lead and manage SCIAF’s public campaigning up to, during and immediately after COP 26, mobilizing supporters and engaging all key stakeholders; and work with the Director of Public Engagement and Advocacy Manager as we develop our strategy for the period 2021-25.

Outline of Responsibilities


  • Working with the Director of Public Engagement and Advocacy Manager, lead the development of a new Campaigns strategy which meets the strategic objectives set out above and for the new strategic plan 2021-2025; develop and agree achievable targets and meaningful indicators that drive performance
  • Lead collaboration on campaigns across all the relevant departments in SCIAF, ensuring effective work across the advocacy and policy, community engagement, development education, communications and programme teams
  • Build strategic partnerships with other organisations and represent SCIAF within campaign networks/coalitions, and to key stakeholders/decision-makers
  • Encourage the development of new initiatives and innovation, including the use of social media/digital elements
  • Help identify campaign issues where we can make a difference


  •  Develop, work to and take ownership of a practicable, annual Public Campaigns strategy using agreed policy positions. In 2020 this will require a plan to deliver high quality campaigning up to, during and immediately after COP 26 including youth engagement, with a potential link-up to the Caritas Award scheme, and the recruitment of Campaigns volunteers.
  • Work with IHDD and Communications to bring Public Campaigns alive through the accurate representation of our projects, our overseas partners’ experiences and the personal stories of beneficiaries, encouraging greater understanding of SCIAF’s approach to international development and a commitment to support SCIAF and make personal life-style changes in solidarity with our sisters and brothers across the world as an expression of faith and/or values
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure that campaigns deliver both policy change and high levels of supporter recruitment to target
  • Develop accessible and compelling campaigns materials and promote campaigns to existing supporters and new audiences using a range of digital and offline communications and actions
  • Work with the Community Engagement and Development Education teams to develop and deliver engaging materials for SCIAF supporters in schools and parishes and lead discussions within parishes, groups and schools on campaign issues, working with the Community Engagement team and volunteers to deliver face to face campaigns engagement


  • Provide regular reports to the Director of Engagement on progress against the strategy and associated targets, with support from the Senior Data Analyst as required
  • Feed into the SCIAF Quarterly Monitoring and Evaluation programme


  • Lead on the recruitment, management, support and development of SCIAF volunteers

Other duties

  • Represent SCIAF with other organisations as appropriate
  • Keep up to date with relevant legislation and trends, news, issues and innovations around International Development/Integral Human Development
  • Ensure compliance with Data Protection, Catholic Social Teaching and SCIAF’s ethos at all times
  • Undertake any duties required to achieve the overall purpose of the job.

How to Apply 

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