Evaluation Team Member - Mellow Parenting

Evaluation Team Member - Mellow Parenting 

Location: Glasgow 

Salary: £21,778 - £23,895 

About the Organisation: 

Mellow Parenting is a Scottish Organisation who research, develop and implement evidenced based Parenting Programmes. The original programme was delivered using Scottish Families in 1996 with a grant from the Department of Health. One of the trials was held in the Alloa Family centre, where Mellow Groups are still being delivered!

Mellow Parenting has grown since the initial trials, building up its evidence base and family of Programmes which now include: Mellow Bumps for Mums and Dads-to-be, Mellow Mums, Mellow Dads, Mellow Futures, our perinatal programme for parents with Learning Difficulties and Mellow Ready, our preconception programme for Young People.

Outline of Responsibilities:

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced person to join a vibrant Scottish Charity working to promote parent child relationships from generation to generation. This post is being funded by the Scottish Government CYPFEIF until 31st March 2020.  This post will contribute to the vision of Mellow Parenting: “We want every child, wherever they are in the world, to be part of a safe and nurturing family that will allow them and future generations the best possible start in life.” 

Key roles and responsibilities within this post will be:

  • Providing the Research and Development Officer data on CYPFEIF outcomes. 
  • Responsible for implementation and expansion of the Mellow Parenting Evaluation Framework. 
  • Support national and international Mellow Practitioners to evidence their outcomes.
  • Working with international partners to develop culturally appropriate evaluation booklets.
  • Assist Practitioners to achieve accreditation with the evaluation component.
  • Translate the evidence gathered from routine data into accessible platforms to be shared with all stakeholders.
  • Work with partners to utilise and publish/disseminate routine data gathered through the Evaluation Framework.
  •  Evaluate new programmes and trainings for effectiveness.
  • Maintain and develop new partnerships with Universities. 
  • Devise and implement a 4-6-week volunteer programme to support the write up of Evaluation reports.
  • Attend relevant conferences, exhibiting, doing presentations, networking and being the Mellow Parenting representative.
  • Work closely with the Research and Development Officer.

How to Apply:

You can apply be viewing the vacancy posting on the Mellow Parenting website. 

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