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Trustee - Jubilee Scotland

Lo​​​​​​cation: Meeting in Edinburgh (consideration can be given to shifting the location or format of the meeting to suit the membership)
Commitment:  The current Trustees meet approximately 4-5 times a year
Terms: Voluntary

About the Organisation 

Jubilee Scotland was founded by a broad movement of campaigners, faith groups and civil society organisations to continue the work of the Jubilee 2000 coalition in Scotland in calling for the cancellation of unjust and unpayable global debt. We work in solidarity with partners in Scotland, and as part of an international movement, for the cancellation of all unpayable and unjust sovereign debts, and for the establishment of a fair and transparent process by which such debts will be prevented from accumulating again in the future. 

Role description

As a trustee, you will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and effective running of Jubilee Scotland, ensuring that we meet our charitable objectives and comply with the law.

Specifically, trustees:

  • Set and maintain the vision, mission and values of the organisation;
  • Develop direction, strategy and planning;
  • Ensure the organisation has the structure and resources for its work;
  • Establish policies and procedures to govern organisational activity, including guidance for the board, volunteers and staff;
  • Establish systems for reporting and monitoring;
  • Manage risk and ensure compliance and accountability with the governing document, external regulators and the law; and
  • Make certain that the financial affairs of the organisation are conducted properly and are accurately reported

Person specification 

Jubilee Scotland is committed to recruiting a diverse range of Trustees and would be delighted to hear from people with skills and experience in finance, human resources or marketing.

Board members do not have to be experts in global debt justice. What is needed is a passionate desire to learn more about debt justice crisis, a desire to see justice done and positive experience that can be brought to the campaign. This could be, but is not limited to: contacts with other networks and organisations; resources such as finance or support in kind; professional skills and experience, etc.

How to Apply 

To apply email with a short description about why you think you would be fit for the role.

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