The Rohingya Crisis - What's happening now?

The Rohingya Crisis - What's happening now?

20th September 2019, 18:30 to 20:30

Amnesty International Edinburgh Central group are hosting a talk and round-table discussion on the current situation with the Rohingya refugee crisis, possible future pathways, and other issues relating to Myanmar.

We have some amazing speakers, video link to the refugee camps in Bangladesh, and clips from Simon Reeve's fascinating BBC documentary about the region.

Speakers include:

Youngmi Kim - Senior Lecturer Asian Studies at the University of Edinburgh

Matteo Fumagalli - Senior Lecturer International Relations at the University of St. Andrews

Aklima Bibi - Human Rights Lawyer, Journalist and Writer

Chairing the discussion - Malcom Dingwall-Smith - Amnesty International Scotland Groups Co-ordinator

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