Participative Photography

Participatory Photography

14-15 April 2021

This fantastic day-long course from PhotoVoice, which is usually available at a cost of £250 per person, was provided to our members for free by popular demand. The course was split over two half day Zoom sessions, and gave a comprehensive introduction to running participative photography projects which allow people you're working with the capacity to tell their own stories in their own voice through images; trainees discussed visual literacy; unpacking the meanings of images; the importance of context, juxtaposition and captioning in what message is given by images; the logistics and risks of running these projects; and the responsibilities of project leads regarding consent, ethics and safeguarding.

This course was organised for members as part of our ongoing work on decolonising development messaging and using imagery ethically; if this is a topic that interests you, you might like to look at our reading list on ethical image use, our recent training on ethical imagery, and our work on decolonising language in development.

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