Developing a Safeguarding Policy Workshop 2018

Developing a Safeguarding Policy Workshop

26th October 2018

Facilitator: Philippa Ramsden, Scotland's International Development Alliance

Workshop resources: 

  1. Safeguarding Policy Development Workshop PowerPoint (PDF) 24 pages
  2. Safeguarding Policy Action Plan (Word) 2 pages


The 'Developing a Safeguarding Policy' workshop was intended for organisations applying to the Scottish Government International Development Small Grants Programme, which closed on the 16th November 2018. The workshop introduced participants to the definition and concepts of safeguarding, and the pilot version of the Alliance's  safeguarding policy template. Participants spent time developing an action plan to ensure that their safeguarding policies were ready to present to the Scottish Government as part of their funding application. 

If you attended the session and would like to continue the conversation with your peers or ask any follow up questions, please join the Alliance Community and visit the learning space set up for the workshop participants.

You can  find our recently launched 'Safer for All' Safeguarding Package on our website, under the How we Help menu. 

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