Mellow Parenting & Home-Start Worldwide: Putting the Pieces Together

Mellow Parenting & Home-Start Worldwide: Putting the Pieces Together

25th January 2023, 09:00 to 12:30

Mellow Parenting is a non-government organisation focused on training the workforce to strengthen early relationships and support families. We do this by researching, developing, & implementing, evidence-based programmes. We are based in the UK but have an international reach.

Home-Start Worldwide is a not-for-profit family support movement, which started in the United Kingdom and has organisations in 22 countries. Home-Starts use the power of trained, local volunteers, visiting the family home, to support families and to help ensure a positive early childhood for their children.

This interactive online conference invites a group of leading international speakers to discuss perinatal infant mental health. Sign up and participate in an open exploration into how Mellow Parenting and Home-Start Worldwide can collaborate to make a meaningful difference to families internationally.

Guest Speakers

Dr. Angus Macbeth, University of Edinburgh

Dr Alain Gregoire, Hon President, Global Alliance Maternal Mental Health

Professor Campbell Paul, Chair of World Association of Infant Mental Health


Mellow Parenting & Home-Start Worldwide

Rosemary Mackenzie, CEO, Mellow Parenting

Kirpal Dhadda, CEO, Home-Start Worldwide

Rachel Tainsh, Programme & International Lead, Mellow Parenting

Raquib Ibrahim, Research and Development Officer, Mellow Parenting

Lizzie Poulton, Network Development Lead, Home-Start Worldwide

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