Honest Accounts: how the West steals Africa's wealth

Honest Accounts: how the West steals Africa's wealth

12th June 2019, 19:00

Where: African Arts Centre, Glasgow. 

Description:Join Ghanaian economist Gyekye Tanoh for an honest, inside view of the ways Africa continues to be exploited and robbed by a global economic system rigged in favour of the rich, and with barely disguised continuing colonialism. Hear from Global Justice Now about our campaign work to address the global injustice of the UK government’s aid, trade and climate justice policies and the impact of those policies on the African continent – and how Scotland could do things differently.

The dominant narrative in Western societies is that Africa is poor and needs our help. 
But actually Africa is rich – in mineral wealth, skilled workers, booming new businesses and biodiversity. Its people should thrive, its economies prosper. Yet many people living in Africa’s 47 countries remain trapped in poverty. 
Overseas development aid casts Western countries in the role of benevolent benefactors, giving their wealth to poor countries. But exactly the opposite is true. 
Multi-national companies take profits out of the African continent back to their home countries and avoid paying tax, raw materials are extracted and exported, and the costs of debt on loans far outweigh the amount of money going to Africa as aid.
Climate change, disproportionately caused by the rich, has its biggest economic and human cost in the global South.
Add to this the UK government’s use of its aid money to export its model of economic development that favours the private sector and profit over the needs of people and the environment, and it becomes clear why so many Africans remain trapped in poverty.

Gyekye Tanoh is the head of the Political Economy Unit at the Third World Network-Africa, conducting research and advocacy on globalization, trade and development. He is a regular contributor to African Trade Agenda and a number of other publications on a wide-range of subjects considering impacts of globalization issues in Africa. He is also deputy National Coordinator of the Ghana Coalition Against Privatization.

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