COP 26 Planning: Communications

Event Date

Wednesday, 25th November 2020

10:30 am

For us at the Alliance, the arrival of COP26 to Glasgow in November 2021 provides us with an opportunity to amplify the voices of people and communities who are on the front line of the climate crises in different countries.

These voices need heard to raise awareness in Scotland that climate change has the largest impact on those that have done least to cause it, often the most vulnerable and marginalised across the world.

We want to help share their stories, highlight the challenges faced and celebrate new and existing responses to rapidly changing climates in order to build support for urgent climate action here in Scotland and overseas as part of a broader commitment to the UN SDGs.

As part of our re-booted planning for COP26, members are invited to join us to move discussions forward on:

  • developing a shared communications strategy, and;
  • thinking about what joint communications activities can help to amplify voices of people on the front line of the climate crisis ahead of COP26 next year.

Hope to see you there! 

You can also join discussions ahead of the meeting on this dedicated thread on the Alliance Community

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