CPG Int Dev: Scotland’s Global Leadership on Water

Event Date

Wednesday, 4th November 2020

12:00 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing climate crises present major challenges to the aim of achieving global sustainable development. Whilst the pandemic has exposed in the immediate needs of communities who don’t have access to basic needs, the longer-term impact of climate change has continued to erode livelihoods and threaten lives across the world. In a very particular way, the impacts of these crises coalesce around water.

You cannot wash your hands without clean water, you can’t self-isolate if water needs aren’t met at home, you cannot build back better when COVID-19 has decimated your economy, but you need to grow feed where rainfall patterns are changing, build flood defences or combat rising sea-levels. Climate change is water change, and COVID-19 has exposed ever more the primacy of water access.

Scotland’s international development programme has a strong track record of implementing programmes that ensure access to water in its partner countries. In the context of the Scottish Government review of this programme, this meeting will consider how Scottish specialisation on the theme of water can harness domestic experience and global partnerships to maximise impact for the most marginalised people in its partner countries.

So join us for this special online meeting of the Scottish Parliament's Cross Party Group on International Development, and find out why the impacts of current global crises coalesce around water.

Given this meeting is taking place online, we also encourage as much international participation as possible. Welcome one, welcome all!

Jenny Gilruth MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Europe and International Development, will also join this meeting.

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