COP 26 planning meeting

Event Date

Thursday, 10th September 2020

2:00 pm

At the start of the 2020, the Alliance and many of its members were gearing up for a year of sustained action on climate, after having learnt that the annual UN Climate talks were on their way to Glasgow in November. Since then, things have changed immeasurably due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. Many of our planned actions ahead of COP26 have understandably been delayed.

However, the climate crisis remains ever present and climate justice ever important. At the Alliance, we think we should use the extra lead in time to next year’s landmark climate talks in Glasgow (November 2021) to ensure we do even more to make sure they deliver for people and planet. Let’s reignite our collective efforts!

So, join us for this online planning meeting (open to all Alliance members) for the chance to reconnect, discuss the new lay of the land in terms of the road to COP26 next year (changed dates, big announcements etc) and, crucially, re-start the conversations in each of the proposed working groups (Communications, Climate Charter & Photo Exhibition) we set up back in February.

During the meeting, depending on numbers, we’ll split into breakout rooms to discuss each area in more depth. One clear need identified last time round were individuals from across the membership who felt they could lead or at least help coordinate a working group alongside Alliance staff. Please get in touch ahead of the meeting to let me know if you would be keen to help coordinate a working group.

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