Webinar: Building a sustainable project legacy and leaving a positive impact

Event Date

Thursday, 30th April 2020

12:00 pm

Topic: Sustainable project design, implementation and follow-up 

Time: 12:00-13:00 

Date: Thursday 30 April 

Who is it for:  this webinar will be useful for organisations who are coming to the end of a project lifecycle, or those looking to design new projects with sustainability at their core. It will be particularly useful for Scottish Government international development small grantees as they come to the end of their current funding windows or those with new grant awards.  

Software: Zoom (all you need is a charged laptop, tablet or mobile and internet connection to join the session) 

Speaker: Ian Gray, Gray Dot Catalyst 

Why you should attend:    

When you see the phrase sustainability plans on a donor funding application or project report do you panic? When you see the word sustainability, do you assume it means the financial sustainability of the project? Are you unsure about how innovation links to sustainability? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is the webinar for you! 

What the webinar will help you do:  

  1. Understand why building a sustainable approach to projects is important  

  1. Identify the different aspects of sustainability and how they relate to your project  

  1. Understand the process of how to plan, implement and follow up an international development project that has sustainability at its core 

  1. Identify how different tools can be used in practice to improve project sustainability   

  1. Draw from examples of how sustainability can be embedded effectively within projects  

  1. Identify solutions to common problems that arise when small organisations are thinking about sustainability 

About the speaker: 

Ian Gray is Founder and Director of Gray Dot Catalyst which works with businesses, third sector organisations and donors, advising them on strategy, innovation and partnering. Recent clients include the DFID, UNHCR, BOND, War Child and NESTA. Ian has 20 years' experience in the sector working in both large and small NGOs. He is Chair of the Board of Trustees for the charity Toybox and is a Non-Exec Director of the Partnership Brokers Association.


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