The ‘how’ of the SDGs: enhancing coherence across sectors

Event Date

Thursday, 20th February 2020

3:00 pm

Date: Thursday 20 February
Time: 3.00pm to 4.00pm
Location: Room M2 to M5, SEC, Glasgow


This interactive workshop session will draw together domestic and international sectors and ask how can we work together to enhance policy coherence and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?  
By the end of the session you will:  

  1. Know about what the Scottish Government and wider third sector in Scotland are doing to collaboratively advance sustainable development and understand how working together benefits everyone 
  2. Identify good examples from across the domestic and international sector of coherent initiatives 
  3. Understand what ‘policy coherence’ means in practice  
  4. Be aware of the variety of tools to help you plan, implement and evaluate your activities relating to a holistic approach to sustainable development 

This interactive session will: 

  1. Frame and collectively discuss the term ‘policy coherence’ in relation to sustainable development, to make it relatable to organisations working in Scotland,   
  2. Introduce prominent speakers from across Scotland and organisations’ digital tools to foster ‘sustainable development thinking’ within an ‘Ideas Lab’ setting 
  3. Explain how you can contribute to the ongoing conversation and resource creation through the Alliance’s open source Wiki, which was designed in collaboration with NGOs and SCVO


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