Improving MEL for better project outcomes

Event Date

Wednesday, 30th October 2019

10:00 am

Topic: The practicalities of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning to improve your project outcomes 

Who is it for: This workshop is primarily for current Scottish Government grant holders, specifically for the small grantees including project, capacity building and feasibility grants. Where spaces are available, wider members are also welcome to attend.  

LocationBrunswick House, Glasgow, G1 1UZ 

Time: 10:00-16:00   

Date: Wednesday 30 October

Trainer: Ceris Jones 

Why you should attend:   

Confused about how to gather data for and report on your results framework? Unsure how to evidence the influence of your project on attitudes or behaviour? Finding it tricky to compile a terms of reference (TOR) for an external evaluation?  Want to know what ‘adaptive management’ means practically for your project?  

If the any of these questions resonate, then this training is tailor made for you.   

This workshop will help Scottish Government grantees to get to grips with what monitoring, evaluation and learning means for programming, why it is important and what it means practically for your project.  

What you will gain from the session:   

  1. An understanding of how monitoring and evaluation data can practically support learning to improve your project aims and implementation  
  2. Awareness of other Scottish Government grantee’s examples/best practice for using monitoring and evaluation findings to improve development outcomes  
  3. An understanding of the Scottish Government’s expectations about your project’s annual reporting  
  4. Knowledge of sector best practice when contracting an external evaluator  
  5. Practical appreciation of different ways to incorporate beneficiary feedback into reporting data, whilst being compliant with data protection practices 

Places are limited to one attendee per Scottish Government grantee.  The training is free for both Scottish Government grantees and Alliance members.  

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