New proposal developmentĀ seriesĀ 

Event Date

Monday, 1st July 2019

9:30 am

Topics and dates:

Who is it for: this workshop series will be useful for small charities who would like to work towards re-submitting a previously unsuccessful proposal, or those who are looking to put together future proposals. It will be particularly useful for members who are unfamiliar with the implications of donor policies/ requirements on project proposals (e.g. Scottish Government, Department for International Development). 

About the series: 

This brand-new proposal writing workshop series will take you through the essential stages of writing a fundable project proposal. The five-part series of half-day workshops will address the component parts and underlying processes that need to be in place to help you write an evidenced and persuasive project proposal.   

The series will provide:

  1. an overview of how to prepare a demand-driven, strategic project design which is based on a robust needs analysis 
  2. the basics of how to prepare a holistic and compliant budget for the project 
  3. details of how to prepare a strategic monitoring and evaluation plan, that embeds the work at the start of the project not the end
  4.  an opportunity to explore the due diligence processes and safeguarding policies required of organisations to be fully compliant with a donor’s expectations  
  5.  the opportunity to learn from best practice about how to put your project ideas down on paper in a persuasive and informative way

The interactive workshops will be facilitated by experienced international development practitioners and will provide a space for member organisations to discuss applications in a conducive and supportive environment.

By the end of the workshop series you should have a plan in place and a suite of resources from which you can develop a full project proposal. Most importantly, the workshops will provide you with a space to ask questions and learn from your peers, giving you the confidence you need to write a successful application. 

Online registration is open for each individual workshop separately, please follow the links in the session outline above to register for the particular session of interest to you. If you have any questions about the series or whether the workshops will be relevant for your organisation, please email Laura. Please note the registration button at the bottom of this page is disabled.

The workshop series will be free to members of the Alliance, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Alliance, please email Catherine. 

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